Hello everyone. My name is Skyler Greenberg or if you know me by my username Captain97G. I am here to to say a few apologies. I have been meaning to say these for a while now and it is only now that i have enough time to get these done.

First off i offer my apologies to the readers of the wiki as well as fellow workers for my failure to add to the wiki. In June i had just graduated from high school. At the time we had just done 100 pages. After this i spent a lot of time getting ready for college. This has taken a lot of time from when i would normally do research for pages. Another issue that came up was this girl I started talking too at the beginning of summer. By now we both really like each other but having been dealing with relationship problems. Talking with her has taken most of my time and i am sorry. Lastly around summer i get lazy and slack off. It is not fair to guys like KookyKaptainKrunch or Tom Robinson who were two of the fellow early wiki makers that i slacked while you guys worked. I am also sorry to the newer wiki makers Iamobeliskquake and Aradia.megido.777 who have worked really hard on this wiki while i slacked off. I would also like to give an apology to Packard who i annoy on Facebook whenever i talk with him. I never wanted to get into storylines but got wrapped up in them and that is something important i should not do. I should not have to feed my own ego just to make myself feel better. While i will never be able to contribute like i used to i will try to be more active then i normally have been.

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