Big things happening in the M4G-Nation. With the PPV main event and Hitler retirement and many other events happening i will offer my thoughts on the state of the M4G-Nation.

Hitler retires

Not long ago Hitler was the Atom Weight and Hardcore Champion making him the first ever dual champion. He however decided to give up the Hardcore Championship and lost the Atom Weight Championship in what would be his final match vs Tien. The day after Hitler announced he would retire. Overall i liked how Hitler became a fun loving, history making superstar.He shall be missed but no doubt Hitler will be known and he should be a hall of famer.

New guy

But Hitler promised a new man would take his spot and that would be Earthworm Jim or his son. While we shall need to see how Earthworm Jim is it will be fun to see where her goes.

Champions Champions Champions

Tein is the new Atom Weight Champion, Westros retain the tag team Championships. New DD Champions as Team Oakland or Queens and 7's fall. Cammy coult not be the number one girl. Captain Pollution retains and Jack-6 retains. Overall the Champions for the most part were able to retain and have some good matches.

Main event notes

Goku first out. That is not the way to win a match when your captain is out first. But with leadership from Yusuke and the rise of Dante that makes the difference. Buu Supermacy did not go down as many of there members did everything they could. Spiderman was the big one making it near the entire run. But as i said Dante was there the entire match and was the sole survior of both teams and really won over a lot of people. Dante will most likely become a champion at some point. He almost was the first internet champion and now has a chance to expend himself to becoming a champion.

Pollution takes control

Pollution was able to find a loophole to get out of the sinking ship known as the Buu Supermacy. More over he became the Galactic Champion and now has Jesus and Zangief following him. Pollution was said to have planned so he could get the M4G-Nation Championship would be vacant. If this is the case then Pollution could go after the title which i will speak more to later. But Pollution is hear to stay and is ready to take over.

M4G-Nation Championship

With Jack-6 out till 2014 there needs to be a new M4G-Nation Champion. The number of fighters are endless. Boba Fett or Bane really don't earn other shot. Pollution is the Galactic Champion but he may choose to for go his own title if it means a chance at the biggest championship. Master Chief or Goku have real chances to go for the M4G-Nation Championship. However we have 14 men in the Road to Gold Series who are fighting for a number one contendership. My money is they will have a match at M4Gamania where one number one contender is found while the winner of Road to Gold will face the number one contender to see who is the new champion.

Speaking of road to gold

Now that Jack-6 is gone and it is unlikely a new champion will get crowned the Road to Gold becomes all the more important. Someone has to win the Series and while we are only a few matches in many favorites like Vegeta and Zangief are on the board. But there is one man who seems like he shall take the series and gold. Ryu was not thought of as a contender but after winning the battle royal and with Jack-6 gone Ryu could become the winner if he can keep winning which will be the test. But right now Ryu has the best chance of becoming relevant which he never has been. Going to be a busy last few months of WWE 13.

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