Its not live but i wanna let you guys know my thoughts as i watched the rumble.

Smoke has hair now. It looks sweet. Still he won't win the rumble which is sad. Have to wait till the next one.

And number 2 is Colossus. He looks really good.

Nightwing getting a shot.

A lot of superheroes and no Batman makes me wanna cry

Mr. Freeze at 4 a real deep cut...

it took all of 5 seconds to make an Arnold Schwarzenegger joke

Marvel and DC are gonna get there licks in tonight. Someone from one of those two brands is gonna win for sure

Link the first not marvel or DC character since Smoke and the ring is at 6 someone gotta go

I thought it was King Leondias and was disapointed to find Dante

Batman Beyond looks good

Sabertooth is a HOSS

Alucard M4G-Nation's Blue Health Slater made the cut

Dynamtie Dynamtie

WTF Dante that was amazing elimination of Joker

Someone get a timer for how long Black Dynamtie was in the rumble for. Ash Ketchum's record might have been broken

Batman Beyond took out Spawn

Winter Soldier not gonna be in Captain America 3

He took out Batman Beyond so he is not doing bad

Superman the love child of John Cena and Bo Dallas

Dante just took out Superman

Dante where the hell was this you during your feud with Vegeta?

Lookie its Jack-6's less susscessful stunt double

Mizdow may have some compeition for the best stunt double in wrestling

Thor coming in the middle. stars are hard to find

Next is Warrior?


The Ultimate Warrior vs Thor. sidenote Thor used Warrior's enterance before

That Venom is a brickshit house

Venom takes out Jack-6's stunt double

Winter soldier took out Ultimate Warrior

Kratos finally some main event talent (sorry Thor)

Aquaman? Really?

Aquaman took out Kratos. damn it

Winter Soldier making work. He is the workhorse of this match

Optimus Prime. Someone made him thank god

Winter Soldier taking out Thor. Man he is putting a case for midcard status

Red Ranger vs Aquaman the match everyone wanted

Sub-Zero he looks ehhhhh could be better

Aquaman with a super kick

The Green lanturn

Aquaman Can control all the seamen

Thank you OP for getting rid of Aquaman

He Man.... now i am just disgusted

we almost had He Man vs Green Lanturn vs Aquaman let that sink that in for a second

Captain Mavrel

I want Shaq Fu

OP taking out Sub-Zero. The Autobots vs Uunwashed could be good

OP is getting some work

Havok sorta know him from first class

Black Panter

Thank you Havok for taking out He Man

and with Green Lanturn i am fine with anyone else winning

ah no Drax

Tony Romo??? really?

P.S. he destoryed me in fantasy football because the guy who drafted him had Demarco Murray and those two lead him to winning the league i got fifth so fuck you Romo

I hope the Hulk rips off Romo's head

Who the fuck is Captain Ultra?

Captain Ultra's backstory is awful

Tony Romo jumping into triple coverage may be line of the year

out goes Romo and Black Panter

The most crediable person right now is Iron Man

Iron Man Woverline and Captain Ultra Marvel gonna get a winner

Cyborg meh

Sonic Ugh...

Captain Ultra is an awful superhero

Ultra joke... that is so bad

If Captain Ultra wins may i remind you he has to face Bane

Down to three vs Sonic and Woverline

Captain Ultra vs Woverline

and Captain Ultra wins....

Captain Ultra vs Bane for the blue Title at Space Jam....

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