Hello my name is Captain97G. We are about two ppvs and a few months away from moving to WWE 2K 14. We have a roster of about 50 or so wrestlers and some of them we have known plans for them. I mean Captain Pollution is the Galactic Champion, Jack-6 is M4G-Nation Champion, The Neo-Underworld keeps getting gold through Hitler, Buu Supermacy vs Gocrew. But there are a number of guys who have no plans and nothing going for them. So what will happen with these guys. Here I will try to guess at the ten random guys and see if i can't predict there future.(this is done with me having no inside infomation from anyone from M4G-Nation and this is being done purely for fun.)

10. Ezio

Remember when Ezio was a major superstar? Remember when he fought Ash for the Atom Weight Championship? Do you remember the last time you saw him?

No, sort of, he is still here? Yes Ezio is still around but he is not really mattered. He has not mattered for a long time and I doubt he will for a decent amount of time. I mean he brings in V who takes almost all the spotlight and left Ezio in the dust. It is too bad becuase Ezio has all the skills, tools, needed to become a great star. Two things come to mind about Ezio. His performence in that royal rumble where he tosses out 9 guys(Stone Cold Steve Austin in there too) and the number of chances he has had to claim the Atom Weight Championship and failed. Ezio is a tough one to perdict becuase of his lack of doing anything. I could see Ezio formming a tag team with V and try to become Tag Team Champions. I could also see Ezio battling for the Atom Weight Championship. But I am not sure he will ever be able to get anywhere near the Galactic Championship or the M4G-Nation Championship. But he will have a roster spot when 2K 14 comes out but it will be in the middle of the pack.

9. Jesus

We shall remember Hitler forever for being the first ever Dual Champion. But Jesus not so much. Jesus had a great run as Hardcore Champion 36 days second only to Vegeta and winning the second ever Atom Weight Tournment. He all but placed his spot as one of the greatest atom weights ever having won 7-1 atom weight matches in the tournments. However Hitler is the current Atom Weight and Hardcore Champion. It is not all that bad for Jesus however. Thanks to his title run and winning the tournment he is no longer in the basement. Still where does he go from here? I could see Jesus trying to get his Hardcore Championship back from Hitler and i think Jesus vs Hitler is far from over. I could also see Jesus teaming with Captain Pollution and try to become tag team champions. I mean those two have been seen a lot together and have helped each other out ever since Galactic Throwdown II. For a man who has a career 10-9 Jesus has no place yet but he will find one and i really doubt he will ever get fired.

8 and 7. Skeeter and Red Ranger

I am doing them together becuase they both have had the same path. They are two goofballs and everyone loves them(sorry packard it is damn true). These two however have had problems. The two of them have had singles careers that have gotten them nothing. Really there careers can be highlighted by the end of Skeeters match vs Kratos at Sonic Boom. By the next match Skeeter was not talked about at all. As a Tag Team they have never had chances for the Tag Team Championships. What do you do with these guys? for one you could cut them. Problem is they are too funny to keep apart and neither one is likely to beat any of the current singles champions. The other issue is the Tag Team Division is so stacked. The known tag teams are 2 Fast 4 Speed, Spartarn Fury, Buu Supermacy, Mortal Kombat, Neo-Underworld, Blues Brothers, Super Smash Bros, and the champions as of now Westros. I think Seriously Too Cool will be stuck in limbo for the rest year or so and it could be possible that they will be cut before 2K 15 too make room for a new comedy tag team(Johnny Bravo and Joey Ryan anyone as The Love Machines)? 

6. and 5. 2 Fast 4 Speed

Speaking of Tag Teams that have no future The Flash and Dale Earnhardt Jr. In there career two matches they lost when Flash speared himself through a table proving the statement "how low can WWE 13 go" true and a handicap match vs Jack-6 that reminds me of when Ryback was a monster. They both got knocked out of round one of the Atom Weight Tournment. I would execpt this team to not last long with tension rising between these two. I could see a pink slip match with these two and Dale Jr. winning sending Flash to SFW. As for Jr. rememebr when he could have been a Hardcore Champion and the number one contender for the M4G-Nation Champion. One kick by Boba Fett ended his run and all his push. Now he is at the bottom of the points. Now Jesus came so close to becoming a Dual Champion and Yusuke went from zero to hero winning Money in the Bank and nearly winning the M4G-Nation Championship. Dale Jr. has skill but he needs to win soon or esle i doubt i will see him in 2K 15.

 4. Batman

Dnananananananananana Dumb Ass Dumb Ass. What do you do with Batman? He won and lost the Hardcore Championship in the span of 30 minutes. In the time it takes to watch an episode of How I met your mother Batman lost the championship. Before he was nothing but now he is just a big failure. Batman is not that skilled, not that talanted, and from what happened at Galactic Throwdown II does not have a high school diploma. What can you do with Batman. Tag Team with another Superhero? dobut it becuase there are no other DC comic heroes besides Flash and well... Dc and Marvel? Last resort. Maybe Batman could beat Hitler in a backstage fight for the Hardcore Championship? Yeah and my dad was Steve Jobs. Batman has no hope and i would cut him before going on to 2K 14.

3. Ironman

Before Batman Ironman had the worst ever Hardcore Championship regin ever at three days. But at least Ironman had time to instagram himself with the championship before losing it in a movie promo match for Ironman 3 to Kratos. Now he is in the bottom ten of points. I still go back to his match with Vegeta at the start of WWE 13 and wish Ironman could bring that guy back. Now he is just..... What can you do with Ironman? I could see Ironman becoming a Manager to the stars. He was the manager to Mortal Kombat and helped them to thre Regin as Tag Team Champions beating. I could see him being like Paul Heyman and callign everyone "Ironman Guys". As a wrestler I dobut he will be able to do much but there is hope unlike Flash or Batman becuase there have been moments where he shined. I think as a manager he could do really well but only to champions.

2. The Hulk

Superheroes just don't do that well and Hulk is the biggest example literally. A guy with size, power, a look. So why does Hulk not do well? Well that is all he has. Most wrestlers have gimmicks that help then either become postive or negative reactions. Vegeta becoming a Blues Brother and Captain Planet becoming Captain Pollution are just two. But the Hulk is a Gimmick and that is all there is. Once his name becomes nothing and people will see he really offers nothing. But he will be staying around because his name is not gone yet but he should never win a championship.

1. Bojack

Speaking of useless wrestlers who only get by on there size and look Bojack is here. It has been so long since Bojack was thought to be a serious fighter. Back when the Buu Supermacy was first formed Bojack was a guy who was the muscle. Now he is outmuscled. The roster has Zangief, Jack-6, Bane, Jason, Buu, Darth Vader who are all big men who can win. Buu won the Tag Team Championships and Bojack lost them. I mean Bojack has been carried by the Buu Supermacy and with the number of members getting bigger there may need to be some reductions and Bojack may be one of them. If he is cut i doubt he will return to the M4G-nation so right now Bojack has thin ice.

This was done for fun and i hope you all enjoy this. Leave me your thoughts below and or other wrestlers you want me to write about.

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