• Captain97

    Its not live but i wanna let you guys know my thoughts as i watched the rumble.

    Smoke has hair now. It looks sweet. Still he won't win the rumble which is sad. Have to wait till the next one.

    And number 2 is Colossus. He looks really good.

    Nightwing getting a shot.

    A lot of superheroes and no Batman makes me wanna cry

    Mr. Freeze at 4 a real deep cut...

    it took all of 5 seconds to make an Arnold Schwarzenegger joke

    Marvel and DC are gonna get there licks in tonight. Someone from one of those two brands is gonna win for sure

    Link the first not marvel or DC character since Smoke and the ring is at 6 someone gotta go

    I thought it was King Leondias and was disapointed to find Dante

    Batman Beyond looks good

    Sabertooth is a HOSS

    Alucard M4G-Nation's Blue Hea…

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  • Captain97

    Who has the better roster?

    December 31, 2014 by Captain97

    Happy new year and hopefully some great wrestling from the best CAW wrestling league known simply as The M4G-Nation. While It is the best there are two different brands each with a stacked roster that contends and completes for our attentions. As these two wrestlers battle it out to see who wins week in and week out a debate question came to mind. Which roster is better? M4G-Nation Blue or M4G-Nation Green? Both have great wrestlers from bottom to middle to top. But the question of which one is better depends upon opinion. As a senior fan, a major editor of the wiki and a personal friend of the M4G-Nation I have come to watch both rosters grow and thus have a lot of knowledge on the wrestlers. I will try to answer this debate. (I will incl…

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  • Captain97

    Welcome to the tend of the year wiki awards. 2K 14 provided with moments that made us laugh, cry, and question pro wrestling. But we are here and it is time to recap the best of the year and award out the best moments of the years and the best of the best. These rankings are my own thoughts along with a few other people sating their thoughts.

    Goes to the wrestler who debuted this year and shocked the M4G-nation world and made an impact.

    Criteria: Wrestler must have debuted during M4G-nation and have had at least 5 matches.

    1. The Tick(Blue)

    2. Quan Chi(Green)

    3. Loki(Blue)

    4. Paul Phoenix(Green)

    Winner Loki

    Analysis While the other guys espically Paul Phoenix all had great years Loki being the leader of one of the strongest groups in the history o…

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  • Captain97

    Vegeta's slow rise to the top was reaching its highest point yet. Vegeta had been around the Hardcore title scene and the Tag Team Title scene but now he would enter the Galactic title picture winning a fatal four way. Vegeta's foe at the time was then the renamed Pollution Champion Captain Pollution who had been one of the hottest guys for the last 8 months since his now famous turn on Captain America and becoming one of the evilest men on the roster. This was an important matchup for one of the most important championships in the M4G-nation.

    Mace Windu: "That Galactic Title is like a preview of the main event scene in the M4G-Nation. Master Chief the three time champion was only the co leader of Team GoKrew/Team M4G-Nation. Jason Voorhess…

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  • Captain97

    Vegeta had been a two time Hardcore Champion and a Tag Team Champion. But for the Prince of all Saiyans he would gain a chance and enter the first ever Road for Gold series. The winner of the event would end up with a championship match vs the M4G-Nation Champion at the end of the series. Vegeta would enter the first battle royal but come up short before battling vs Deadpool in a singles match.

    Deadpool: Why am i here? I was just looking for some tacos and a free keg of beer and i show up to do an interview about Vegeta? Pfft i have better things to do then answer dumb questions for this dumb blog which btw was not done for a few months and most likely people will be forgetting about this. Whatever yeah that match with Vegeta. He kicked my …

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