Hi, this is Dan and I felt that this is something worth doing. That's really it. Some of this overlaps with the top 10 PPV Moments, but I don't think that's a bad thing- it just shows that some of the best moments are great because they're surprising! Keep in mind this is all my opinion- I had to change the list a few times as I made it and I can think of several events that could be argued here. Also, I started watching in March 2013, so a lot of this is hindsight, but I tried to weigh things based on how surprised I think I would have been.

10. Buu cashes in his Money in the Bank before Big Bang I think this stands out because of how different it is from Buu's usual shenanigans. It was an honorable move by him to try and show he was worthy and that he found himself capable of winning fair.

9. Yusuke cashes in his Money in the Bank at Vernal Equinox While not necessarily the smartest move in the world, it was definitely unexpected that Yusuke would cash in so quickly, and for an open challenge. Honor or not, I think it belongs here.

8. Goku returns after Supernova Despite his injuries, Goku appeared to fight Jack-6 on the spot. I don't think anyone predicted such a quick return and that he would do so well in his injured state.

7. Captain Planet's heel turn In the span of a few seconds, Planet went from an unmemorable man to a full-fledged heel that divided everyone's opinion when he helped the Supremacy pin Captain America.

6. Yusuke attacks Captain Planet While Yusuke was never a fan of Buu, for a long time he was an inconsequential member of the roster despite being Inter-U champion once. His return was totally unexpected and helped the struggling GoKrew remain a serious contender, as well as giving his career a revival.

5. Trevor, Packard, and Blackwing appear in the Royal Rumble. The commentary team was not known for fighting ability, but they showed their strength in the Royal Rumble, with Trevor scoring an elimination, Blackwing being the runner-up and Packard winning it all.

4. Yusuke powerbombs Buu off the Steel Cage In a spectacular fashion, Yusuke throwing Buu down was incredible. It was a huge demonstration of his might that showed why he was the first Inter-U champ and the top wrestler in all the M4G-Nation for a long time, as well as being an impressive move in its own right.

3. Bane KOs Jack-6 and breaks ring for the M4G-Nation Title This is an easy one. There were jokes about breaking the ring before, but Bane is the first man to do so, and it was quite spectacular. It also marked the end of Jack-6's amazing title reign.

2. Captain America cashes in his Money in the Bank at M4GaMania. This was huge. Captain America was an otherwise ordinary superstar who never had much of an impact, and him winning the Money in the Bank was even forgotten for a while, so him cashing in at the perfect opportunity was what he really needed. What's more, he defeated Darth Vader so quickly and easily it cemented himself among the company's top wrestlers.

1. Link's return at Sonic Boom No contest. After being dead for 11 months, Link arrived on the scene to save Yusuke. Nobody expected it and it was a huge turnaround for the Supremacy as well.

That's my list. I welcome any other opinions, leave comments on what you think below!

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