Sup guys, Dan again here with another blog post. I have a few things I want to address here. The M4G-Nation Title is in an interesting spot right now, vacated for the first time in its induction. Big Bang 2 is just around the corner, which is also quite exciting. And lastly, roster cuts and new members of the M4G-Nation spice things up a bit as well.

The first thing I want to bring up is the M4G-Nation title. With Jack-6 retaining at Solar Eclipse II but the Supremacy falling in the 7v7 match, it's been vacated since his departure. The triple threat match for the title is very interesting. Bane, former M4G-Nation Champion himself, beat out two Saiyans, 4 time number 1 contender and Team M4G-Nation leader Goku as well as 2 time Harcore Champion and 1 time tag team champion Vegeta, both top tier wrestlers in the comany. Then Bandit Keith's surprise return shook up the match a bit when he beat out former Tag Team Champ  Bojack and the man with the most royal rumble eliminations, Ezio. Lastly, former Hardcore Champion Cookie Monster beat two more Team M4G-Nation members- former Tag team champ Link and the hero of the 7v7 match Dante. I'm really disappointed that Team M4G-Nation didn't secure a spot in the match, but I am a big fan of Bane, so he's a good fall back. This is looking to be a really intense match.

Speaking of the M4G-Nation Championship, I've been thinking for a while now that it might be a good idea to merge it with the Inter-Universal Championship page. They are, in effect, the same title- Yusuke, Buu, Captain America, and Vader are all refered to as former M4G-Nation Champions, and it has always been the most prestigious title around. It was a name change for convenience because Inter-Universal is quite the mouthful. I understand that Jack-6 used the word retire in the speech, but I think that it's just wording for the most part. What do you guys think?

Next up is Big Bang II. Coming up this Sunday, all of the titles will be on the line in another exciting pay-per-view event. The main event will be the M4G-Nation Championship match that I already mentioned. While I am cheering for Bane, I predict that he will not win. I think that he will be unable to break up a pin made by Bandit Keith on Cookie Monster and there will be a big fuss about a non roster member having the Championship, like with Buu before he fought. Next up is the Galactic Title. Almost set to be Master Chief vs Captain Pollution Round 3, it was changed when Ash Ketchum made a surprising return. I'll be pulling for Master Chief, but I think Ash will manage to get the win this time. The Harlots Championship match is not yet finalized, but I think that in an incredible feat Daenerys Targaryen will retain once again- however, I think she will lose afterward to a MitB cash in, then try and get a rematch for M4Gamania 2.

From here on, we don't know the matches. There has only been one Tag Team Match this month, the Batmen vs Seriously Too Cool, but I think the Batmen will be the number 1 contenders for it. I also predict it to be a Tornado Tag team match. I think they will manage to get the win there. If not them, I'd guess it will be the Super Smash Bros to crown a possible double champion. I think that if it is the Smash Bros, Westeros will retain, but the pin will be on Link so Captain Falcon will retain his title. For the Atom-Weight match, I think Earthworm Jim will fight Tien on Hitler's behalf in a Ladder Match, but I think that he won't get the win yet- he's still a rookie. I think the DD Champs match will be a rematch of last month's fight with Menage a Trois retaining once again. The Hardcore Championship is anyone's guess at this point in time.

There have also been a few roster changes. Big Daddy made an excellent debut with Batman. I think he will have a good start to his career, but then be a bit lackluster later, unfortunately. Bandit Keith made a surprise return without even being on the roster, and has so far had a good second impression. However, I doubt this will last either. Ash Ketchum also returned for a title match, which is not really a roster change as he was still around, but it is still a big deal due to his absence. I think he will be just as important as he was before, this time with a big feud against Pollution. Lastly, Raiden debuted by beating former Hardcore Champion Jesus in an impressive display of power. I see good things with him, and I think he will play an ally to Ash.

Regardless of how Big Bang 2 pans out, the next month will be heated before M4GaMania 2, the final PPV of the game. With the Supremacy gone, some new stars and old stars could see an increase in relevance. Captain Pollution's squad is currently a rather weak 2 people, so the group's future is pretty questionable, but we'll wait for future developments. What do you think, everyone? I am willing to bet I am probably completely wrong about some of these things, so all opinions are welcomed. That's all from me this time.

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