Hey everyone, Dan here for my own predictions for Round 1 of the TMNXT tournament. This is about a third guesswork, a third bias, and a third actual M4G-Nation precedent. I already have my other round predictions as well and made them in a document as soon as I saw the bracket, but I don't feel like typing all that up.

1. Gohan vs the Burger King. It's like the TMNXT version of Team M4G-Nation vs the Supremacy- Goku's son vs the D-League equivalent to Buu! I think Gohan has this, striaght up all bias. I have faith in him, even though I historically have not backed winners in tournaments at all.

2. Cyclops vs Jack Skellington. They both have a win under their belt, but I liked Jack Skellington's tag team performance, so I'm rooting him.

3. Waldo vs M Bison. M Bison's one (?) match so far was pretty good, but Waldo has also been one of the most effective members of Pat's team, so I'm going Waldo.

4. Joey Ryan vs. Blade. Backing Joey Ryan because I think he's one of the funniest roster members.

5. Woody vs. Leonardo. I will once again back the Icebergs. Leonardo has his own counterpart in the big league as well with Raphael, too.

6. Nightcrawler vs Iron Patriot. The fix is in, probably... but I really like the Iron Patriot so I'm backing him against my better judgement.

7. Johnny Bravo vs Reptile. We haven't seen much of Reptile and Johnny Bravo has been a pretty solid roster member, so I will back him this match.

8. Charmander vs Spawn. Charmander. I know Spawn's on the Icebergs but Charmander rules.

9. Riddler vs Braveheart. The Riddler is on our team and was former TMNXT Champion, so go him.

10. Darkwing Duck vs Thor. Gotta go Darkwing. Because he's darkwing.

11. Man in the Yellow Hat vs Popeye. Popeye has been terrible in the D-League and MitYH has had some luck, so I'm backing MitYH.

12. Shredder vs Dragon Dragon. Dragon Dragon is one of my favorite roster members even though he's on the Little Cruise, so I pick him.

13. James Bond vs Green Ranger. I'll stick with our team again with James Bond.

14. Kick-Ass vs Midget Jericho. The fix is in, so Kick-Ass.

15. Nappa vs Blake Griffin. Yeah... Nappa.

16. Hellboy vs Mario. Hellboy again, he's pretty cool. 

That's all from me for now.

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