Hello again, Dan here this time with an post for Solar Eclipse II, which the M4G-Nation says they think is their best pay-per-view event yet! We have a huge main event- the closest thing was the Championship Scramble at Big Bang, and that still had less than half the amount of wrestlers this one will. There's only 3 days left until this monumental video for the M4G-Nation, so now's the time to get hyped. We don't know some things, like who will be the challenger for several titles, but I think we'll be left in suspense until it happens so might as well go with what we've got.

I'll start off with some Atom-Weight drama. I don't expect that Jesus will be in a match before the main event, personally. I think Hitler's opponent will be either Trunks or Tien because of their match with him at Galactic Throwdown II. Either way, I think Hitler will probably continue his reign as champion, as he has so far proved himself against great competitors. I also think it will be a ladder match, as we haven't seen one of those between Atom-Weights for Championship matches in a while.

Next will probably be the Harlots match with Daenerys and Cammy. I think Daenerys too will retain, her career has been great so far and Cammy is sadly known for coming up short so often. I also anticipate a MitB cash-in with Daenerys still retaining to prove herself even more.

For the next match I expect there will be a Tag-Team match between Westeros and the Super Smash Bros. I don't think the Blues Brothers will get a rematch just yet. I also think Westeros will retain, as they have been incredible wrestlers so far and I really like the idea of Poseidon never being in a match other than title matches because he thinks too good for regular matches or something. I also think Poseidon will get the pin on Captain Falcon, who I don't think has what it takes to stay Hardcore Champ for long even though he's one of my favorites.

For the DD championships I think Queens and Sevens will defend against Elastigirl and her unknown Tag Team partner. I just feel like they brought up that she has a tag team for a reason, and she's been pretty good so far. I think the Queens and Sevens will defend once again through some miracle.

As for the Galactic Championship, I expect Master Chief to get his rematch against Planet. Unfortunately I don't think he'll get the win back, as every Galactic Champion has reigned for over 100 days so far, but I really hope I'm wrong on this one.

Then the biggest title of them all but not the biggest match, the Triple Threat fight for the M4G-Nation Championship. Though I detest him, I can't see Jack-6 losing here, but I don't think this match is that big of a concern because of how vital the next is.

The main event, a big 7 vs 7 match between the two big stables to stay in the company. To nobody's surprise, I have faith in the GoKrew. I honestly don't have a good guess as far as the secret Supremacy member goes, though... Still, I think it will be a very good match either way, and nobody will be able to say one team totally crushed the other or something.

I think that since I have Jack-6 retaining the championship but losing his roster spot, the M4G-Nation Championship will be vacated for a month and Boba Fett and Bane will fight for it again at the next pay-per-view event. Plus, Jack-6 will likely want a rematch as soon as he returns, which could be very interesting.

But that's just my thoughts. Obviously I have some bias. I could be horrifically wrong and not get a single one of these right, but I hope not. What do you guys think?

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