Hey everyone, Dan again here, and I wanted to see who everyone thinks are the best in the whole M4G-Nation. I want to start this list by saying you don't need to have had a certainy number of titles to make it on here, just frequently great performance. I will also be the first to say that I am a biased person, and while I don't want it to affect the list too much, it's difficult to keep it out entirely. This is also a list for only the Superstars- there haven't really been enough Harlots for it to be that big of a competition, and comparing the two is difficult. Also, WWE12 and 13 are weighted equally in my judgement, despite 12 not being reflected in the points.

10. Goku. He's never won a title, but he's been a strong competitor for a long time. Not all of his matches are wins, but he never gets destroyed in a match and usually comes extremely close to winning, even when he's injured. He's also one of few wreslters to defeat Jack-6 in a match, and for 3 months he was the biggest threat to the title. Plus, he's the highest rated Superstar in the M4G-Nation to never hold a title (Boba Fett might have this now because of the Royal Rumble, but winning 2 royal rumbles is an incredible feat in and of itself). I think he's earned his place here among champions.

9. Buu. A former Inter-Universal Champion, he was an impressive wrestler for a solid period of time. One thing I see as a mark against him was that he never really earned the right to a challenge, he just stole the belt and beat people up. But he won his match against Yusuke fair and square, and defended the next day.

8. Adolf Hitler. He's had a fairly brief career, but a stunning one as well. He won an Elimination Chamber and then beat Darth Maul for the Atom-Weight title in a triple threat match- no mean feat. Then he defended against former Atom-Weight champions Tien and Trunks in an equally impressive match, and finally he became the first dual Champion by beating out Jesus. Even more so, he is already number 3 in points behind 2 other men (who are even higher on this list)! That's quite the resume already. The only thing keeping him back in my opinion is that we haven't really seen how long that will last.

7. Captain America. The good Captain was a rather humble wrestler for a long time, but got his chance when he won his Money in the Bank, and cashed in against newly crowned Dath Vader. His reign was not particularly excellent, but he lost in a Championship Scramble, a hard match to defend in.

6. Darth Vader. He wasn't too great when he first debuted, but he became significant when he won the Royal Rumble, and then he was the first to legitimately beat Buu, winning the Inter-Universal Title. Then when he won it back, he became the first 2-time Inter U champ. Even though neither reigns were great, that's something for the history books.

5. Vegeta. He never did much at first, but he was always a good wrestler, and has been here for a long time. Eventually he snagged the Hardcore Championship, then did it again, and currently is the longest reigning Hardcore Champion and the only one with 2 reigns. Then he won the Tag Team titles in the gauntlet with Megaman. He also has defeated Jack-6 in the past, which is a good mark for anyone. It could be argued that there are many people who have held 2 titles and that he doesn't really deserve this spot, but he's also one of the highest in the points consistently.

4. Master Chief. He's always been a strong contender and fought amongst the best of them. The first and only two-time Galactic Champion, with a combined reign of over 100 days- that's nothing to sneeze at. I don't think a lot needs to be said about why he deserves this spot.

3. Jason Voorhees. He's been a powerhouse ever since joining. Winning the Halloween Royal Rumble, he then defeated Jack-6 in his real debut, and then drew in an Ironman match that he nearly claimed victory in. Then he won an Elimination Chamber to grab the Galactic Championship, which he defended for 120 days against strong opponents including former Inter-U Champ Buu, Marcus Fenix, and former Hardcore Champ Cookie Monster, before losing to another accomplished wrestler Master Chief. 

2. Jack-6. Yes, I have him here and not number 1, that'll be explained in the number 1 section more. I don't think I need to talk about his record- 210 day Galactic Champion and 150+ day M4G-Nation Champion is quite the record- he's been a Champion for over a year in total. Nobody can deny him a spot high on this list.

1. Yusuke Urameshi. I think there are several things that put him above everyone else. First off, he was dominant for the longest time- there was never a doubt that he was the greatest wrestler. He lead the points for an extremely long stretch of time, and his Championship reign was one of the longest- though shorter than Jack-6's. However, I think what sets him apart and makes him ebtter than Jack-6 was the legitimacy of his title matches. Some of Jack-6's were fairly one-sided matches due to his opponent being injured, tired, or other factors, and even his fight with Bane was looking to be unfair, but Yusuke's were all good. He fought a gruelling match against Goku, and soundly defeated King in an Ironman match, finally losing in a Hell in a Cell match of the year candidate to Buu. What's more, he beat out 29 other men for the title win in the first place, and his eventual loss.

Honorable mentions:

Boba Fett, for winning 2 Royal Rumbles. The only thing keeping him back for me is that he's really never done anything else.

Packard, for his own Royal Rumble win, and subsequent strong fight at Big Bang.

Anyone who's ever held two titles over the course of their career.

So what do you guys think? It's a very subjective question, so hearing other people's opinions is cool.

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