Trunks & Skeeter
Members: Trunks

Skeeter Valentine

Origins Dragon Ball Z (Trunks)

Doug (Skeeter Valentine)

Debut: December 20, 2012
Careers: Dissolved
Finishing Moves: Trunks - Burning Attack (Gutwrench hold transitioned to a crucifix hold dropped into a roundhouse kick)

Skeeter - Patty Mayonnaise (Spinning release powerbomb)

Trunks & Skeeter was a short-lived tag team in the M4G-Nation. It consisted of the namesake Trunks and Skeeter Valentine, who forged an alliance to participate in a #1 contenders match for the Atom-Weight Championship.


In an uncanny match to determine two number one contenders for Ash Ketchum's Atom-Weight Championship, Trunks and Skeeter Valentine teamed up to wrestle another brief tag team of Speed Racer & Ezio in hopes of challenging for the title in a Triple Threat Ladder match.

They became prospects for the championship in little under thirty minutes when Skeeter Valentine rolled up Ezio for the pin. Despite their efforts, they were each unable to wrest the title from Ash Ketchum at the scheduled PPV match.


  • The only match they fought together in carries the distinction of being the first number one contenders match where the winners qualify to challenge for a single title.

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