Trunks & Raphael
Members: Trunks


Origins Dragon Ball Z (Trunks)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Raphael)

Debut: September 17, 2012
Careers: Dissolved
Finishing Moves: Trunks - Burning Attack (Gutwrench hold transitioned to a crucifix hold dropped into a roundhouse kick)

Raphael - Tortuga Tornado (Argentine neckbreaker)

Trunks & Raphael is the unofficial name of the tag team consisting of the eponymous Trunks and Raphael. Both members attempted to make an impact in the Tag Team Division, but made no further appearances following the events of the TMN Tag Team Tourney - which they experienced minor success in.

While both men remain signed to the current M4G-Nation roster, it is heavily implied that their alliance dissolved after the tournament. However, they appeared alongside each other and Link for a six-man tag team match set in the months after their disbanding.


Trunks and Raphael made their tag team debut on September 17, 2012, teaming up beforehand to participate in the TMN Tag Team Tourney, endeavoring for the Tag Team Championship. In the first round, they were able to beat Team Excitement in a Tornado Tag Team match. By next round, they were eliminated by The Supremacy in an Elimination Tornado Tables match. Despite the fact that Raphael and Trunks showed mutual respect in their storylines, they refrained from partaking in tag team competition for the remainder of WWE '12.

The two enjoyed successful singles careers in WWE '13 - however, they decided to team up again, this time joined by Link, to wrestle in a Six-Man Tag Team match against Adolf Hitler, Skeletor, and Myotismon of the Neo-Underworld. In the one time tag team reuniting, the trio suffered a loss.


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