Origin Dragonball Z
Debut: June 17th 2012
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Burning Attack (Gutwrench hold transitioned to a crucifix hold followed by an enzuigiri)
Trunks is a human/saiyan hybrid and the son of Vegeta and Bulma in the Dragonball Z franchise. Trunks is currently a member of the M4G-Nation roster and is a former Atom-Weight Champion and fought for the contendership of the Galactic Championship. Trunks is considered one of the most successful Dragonball Z characters in M4G-Nation, with many names like Broly and Frieza having limited success in the M4G-Nation.

Trunks has built a great deal of respect and friendship with the majority of the locker room, especially Link and Raphael. He was also the first ever Atom-Weight Champion and won the Atom-Weight Title Tournament in 2012.


Friendship/Teaming With LinkEdit

Trunks made his M4G-Nation debut teaming up with fellow swordsmen Link from the Legend Of Zelda series on June 17th 2012 to battle Captain America and Captain Planet. This would prove to be the first and last time they'd team up together in a year after Link was killed by Buu on July 2nd. Despite a short time together there was still a strong sense of mutual respect and friendship between Link and Trunks as later events would reveal.

Atom-Weight Championship TournamentEdit

After seeing his attempts at winning the Tag Team Championship go up in smoke, Trunks targeted the newly created Atom-Weight Championship. He entered a tournament to crown the first ever Atom-Weight Champion. He started off well beating Hiei in a steel cage match and defeating Link's replacement Krillin in a 2nd round tables match. Trunks was able to defeat Tony Hawk in an extreme rules match to secure a place in the final and to end Hawk's miracle run. On August 9th, Trunks faced Jesus in the final round match to crown the first ever champion. In a classic ladder match Trunks overcame Jesus to make history and become the first ever Atom-Weight Champion.

Start Of Atom-Weight Title Run And Tag Team TournamentEdit

On August 27th, Trunks began his title reign defeating the same opponent he fought in the first round of the tournament - Hiei. However, Trunks was not satisfied with the Atom-Weight Championship. He was then added as a participant in the 2nd ever Royal Rumble, coming in at number 21. The winner would earn a shot at the Inter-Universal Championship at M4GaMania. However, Trunks would not last long and was eliminated by Darth Vader and Space Ghost. He was then entered into the Tag Team Tournament to crown number one contenders for the Tag Team Championship with Raphael. Trunks and Raphael worked well as a team, knocking off Captain America and Captain Planet - the team Trunks first debuted against on September 17th 2012.

Feuding With The Buu SupremacyEdit

Trunks and Raphael created a good friendship among themselves, especially with Raphael feuding with Link's murderer Buu at the time. Buu was the leader of the Buu Supremacy and the Buu Supremacy had two members that were both gunning for the Atom-Weight Championship. First of all, Jesus was looking to avenge his loss to Trunks in the Atom-Weight Tournament final. He earned a spot in a fatal four way TLC match for the Atom-Weight Championship alongside Ezio and Captain Planet. However, Trunks was able to retain his championship in the TLC match on October 1st.

On October 9th, Trunks engaged in a pull-apart brawl with Jesus' fellow Buu Supremacy member Ash Ketchum after Ash declared his intentions of going after the Atom-Weight Championship. The two were seperated by Jesus and Raphael. Trunks' issues with the Supremacy continued when he and Raphael battled the Buu Supremacy's Bojack and Marcus Fenix in the 2nd Round Of The Tag Team Tournament. In a hard-fought elimination tables match, Trunks and Raphael were beaten and Trunks focused on his Atom-Weight Championship and Ash. On October 22nd, Trunks was jumped backstage by Ash after talking to Ash's former partner Brock. This happened just before he was scheduled to fight Dante. The match ended in a no contest after Bojack, Ash and Marcus all attacked Trunks alongside Dante. Trunks and Ash eventually fought at the M4GaMania PPV for the Atom-Weight Championship. However, the match saw Trunks drop the championship to Ash with his 2 month title reign coming to an end.


Trunks returned after his defeat on December 17th beating the Red Ranger. He would then earn an Atom-Weight title shot at the Big Bang when he and Skeeter Valentine defeated Speed Racer and Ezio on December 20th. Both Trunks and Skeeter earned a Atom-Weight Title shot with the win and made the match at the Big Bang at TLC Triple Threat match along with Ash. However in his 2nd Royal Rumble on December 22nd, number 2 entrant Trunks was eliminated by his own father Vegeta. Trunks was also unable to regain the Atom-Weight title at the Big Bang. After putting on a tremendous display and even spearing Ash while he was hanging off the table, Trunks bit the dust when Skeeter rock-bottomed Trunks off the top of the ladder and through a table giving Ash the opening he needed.

Downward SpiralEdit

Trunks returned on February 24th 2013 to compete in a Galactic Championship number one contendership fatal four way match also involving The Hulk, Master Chief and Bandit Keith. But again, Trunks came up short. 2 months later, Trunks was the 34th entrant in the 4th Royal Rumble match. However, he was eliminated by former Atom-Weight title rival Ezio. On April 21st, Trunks competed in another fatal four way match - this time to determine a number one contender for the Atom-Weight Championship he once had. But again, he was unsuccessful in winning. On May 10th, Trunks appeared in the Elimination Chamber for the first time to fight for an Atom-Weight title shot at Sonic Boom. He entered at number 3 but was eliminated 2nd by Ryu Hayabusa.

Rebuilding His Career and Link's RevivalEdit

At the Sonic Boom PPV, Link returned after a near one year absence. It was revealed that it was Trunks that collected all 7 Dragonballs, summoned Shenron and wished Link back to life. Trunks teamed up with Link for the first time in nearly a year as part of a 6 man tag team match with himself, Link and Raphael facing the Neo-Underworld. However, Trunks' team was unsuccessful in winning. Seeing Link's triumphant return and new talent like Deadpool and Captain Falcon come in with a lot of ambition and skill, Trunks realised he was slacking and lived in regret over his loss to Ash Ketchum. On June 16th, Trunks began the road to glory again with his first win in nearly 6 months against the last-reigning Atom-Weight Champion Darth Maul. Impressed with Trunks' new fire to succeed, Atom-Weight Champion Adolf Hitler gave Trunks as well as Tien Shinhan an Atom-Weight title shot at Galactic Throwdown II (2013). Hitler would climb to the top of the ladder to win the match and retain his championship.

Trunks then participated in a six man Money in the Bank Ladder match also involving Master ChiefCaptain FalconGreen GoblinSub-Zero, and Darth Vader. With the winner proceeding to face Captain Pollution for the Galactic Championship, he was unable to win when Master Chief gained possession of the briefcase nor was he able to win the Atom Weight Championship at Big Bang 2 (2013).

Theme SongEdit

Best of DBZ Trunks Compendium- Mysterious Youth01:13

Best of DBZ Trunks Compendium- Mysterious Youth


  • Trunks is the only saiyan in the M4G-Nation to never appear in the form of Super Saiyan. Goku, Vegeta and Broly all appeared in Super Saiyan forms on WWE 12, while Trunks was in his normal state (Broly actually appeared in his Legendary Super Saiyan form rather than in Super Saiyan 1 like Goku and Vegeta). While Goku remained a super saiyan in WWE 13 and while Vegeta returned to his normal state, Trunks would not ascend (Broly was released and has yet to be featured in WWE 13).
  • Trunks was the first ever Atom-Weight Champion but unlike Ash Ketchum, has been unable to win it back.
  • Trunks has appeared in 3 Royal Rumbles.

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