Triple Crown

In Professional Wrestling a Triple Crown Champion ia a term describing a wrestler who has won the three most prestigious belts of their promotion-typically a heavyweight belt, a tag team belt, and a second tier belt. It is considered a great accomplishment to have won a triple crown.


A Triple Crown Champion is defined as a wrestler who has had at least one reign with three major titles in a single promotion, usually consisting of the promotion's main championship, tag team championship, and a third "mid-card" championship. (For example, a WWE Triple Crown would consist of a WWE World Heavyweight Championship reign, a WWE Tag Team Championship reign, and an Intercontinental Championship reign.)

In the M4G-Nation, a wrestler must have one reign with the following belts to be recognized as a Triple Crown Champion:

List of Triple Crown ChampionsEdit

Triple Crown Champions Name Tag Team Titles Midcard Championship World Title Date Completed
1 Ash Ketchum Tag Team Championship InterGalactic Championship M4G-Nation Blue Championship May 8, 2014
2 Buu Tag Team Championship InterGalactic Championship Inter-Universal Championship July 5, 2014

3 Link M4G-Nation Blue Champion Tag Team Champion Galactic Champion

List Of Superstars With 2 Of The 3 BeltsEdit

The following wrestlers need only one title reign to complete a Triple Crown. Titles required are respective to that wrestler's brand:

  • Jack-6 has held the unified M4G-Nation Championship and InterGalactic Championship. Requires a Tag Team Championship reign. (The Buu Supremacy's Tag Title reign does not include Jack-6 as he never defended the titles in a match)
  • Vegeta has held the Tag Team Championship (w/ Megaman as the Blues Brothers) and is the current InterGalactic Champion. Requires a M4G-Nation Blue Championship reign.
  • Kratos has held the Tag Team Championship (w/ Leonidas as Spartan Fury) and is the current M4G-Nation Blue Championship. Requires an InterGalactic Championship


  • Ash Kethcum's win not only made him a Triple Crown Champion but also a Grand Slam Champion
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