Members: Trevor


Ronald McDonald





Debut: July 8, 2013
Origin: Real Life (Trevor and Ronald McDonald)

Marvel Comics (Thor, Nightcrawler, Punisher, and Kick-Ass)

Dragon Ball Z (Nappa)

Trevolution is a stable in the D-League that was created by Trevor.

This is the team that will represent Trevor in the M4G-Nation's D-League and features 6 wrestlers drafted by him on July 8th. The name Trevolution is a mash up of Trevor's name and real wrestling stable Evolution's name. In fact, Trevor even replaced the opening lyrics to the Evolution theme song to "Trevolution is a mystery".



Trevor picked the first six members during the draft for the D-League on July 8th, 2013.

He picked Thor because he felt he didn't get his due when he competed in the M4G-Nation before. He picked Ronald McDonald to compete with Packard's number 1 pick The Burger King. He picked Nightcrawler because there's "no bigger mystery than Nightcrawler". He picked The Punisher believing that he is a "blue chipper". Nappa joined Trevor's team believing that he would become a member of real life wrestling stable D-Generation X (because Triple H was a member of both Evolution and DX). Kick-Ass was signed via Myspace by Trevor. 

Nappa earned a shot at the TMNXT Championship when he won a 6-man battle royal against Charmander, Dragon Dragon, Godzilla, Juggernaut, and The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

No members of the stable won the D-League Royal Rumble.


Trevor - Leader (July 8, 2013 - Present)

Thor - (July 8, 2013 - Present)

Ronald McDonald - (July 8, 2013 - Present)

Nightcrawler - (July 8, 2013 - Present)

Punisher - (July 8, 2013 - Present)

Nappa - (July 8, 2013 - Present)

Kick-Ass - (July 8, 2013 - Present)

Theme SongEdit

Not confirmed yet, but this will likely be the group theme.

Evolution Theme Song03:44

Evolution Theme Song

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