Tifa Lockhart
Origin Final Fantasy VII
Debut: August 28, 2012
Career: Released
Finishing Move: Broken Hart (450° frog splash)
Tifa Lockhart is a popular character from Final Fantasy VII who made a brief appearance in the M4G-Nation.

She had garnered little success as a fictional professional wrestler in the company, only participating in a singles match in her momentary tenure.


Lockhart's first match arrived in singles competition against Dragon Ball Z's Launch on August 28. Her appearance was determined by fan voting on the M4G-Nation's Facebook page. She attained victory against Launch via pinfall after landing her high flying, top-turnbuckle finishing move - the Broken Hart. Following this match, she did not capitalize on any other wrestling match in the company, and as such, her momentum gained from her win fluctuated. She departed from the company soon afterwards.


  • Tifa Lockhart was one of three Final Fantasy characters to be signed with the M4G-Nation. The other two being Cid Highwind and Snow Villiers. Like the two wrestlers before her, Tifa was released rather quickly from her contract.

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