Origin Marvel Comics/Norse Mythology
Debut: May 4th 2012
Career: Active (D-League)
Finishing Move: Brogue Kick (Big Boot) and The Throwing Crucifix Powerbomb
Thor is a superhero based on the god Thor from Norse mythology that is formely a member of the Trevolution team in the D-League and is now on the main roster on M4G-Nation Blue.

Thor was once a member of the M4G-Nation roster and was most remembered for competing in the first Avengers vs Justice League match on May 4th 2012 which is the most viewed video in M4G-Nation history with more than 1.6 million views. Thor has the distinction of being the first man ever drafted in the  M4G-Nation after he was the number 1 pick in the D-League Draft.


Thor is the son of Odin of Asgard, one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. Thor grew up with a lust for battle and adventure as a child and was eventually given the legendary hammer of Mjolnir by his father after proving himself strong enough to wield it. Mjolnir is bound to Thor and obey's him as if it was alive. After finding his way to earth, Thor became one of the Earth's strongest defenders alongside the group known as The Avengers. Despite no having any physically weaknesses, he does suffer from an superiority-complex and is over-confident and arrogant. In fact, his attitude has often gained him heat from superheroes like Ironman and is constantly at words with his father.


WWE 12Edit

Thor's first appearance in the M4G-Nation was on May 4th 2012, as a member of a 6-man team with fellow Avengers Captain America and Ironman. The team took on Batman, The Flash and Green Lantern from the Justice League and overwhelmingly won with none of the Avengers being eliminated.

Thor eventually became a member of the M4G-Nation, and his next match up was on the first ever pay-per-view Galactic Throwdown. He fought and was defeated by Sith Lord Darth Vader. Thor made up for his loss to Darth Vader two days later, when he defeated Marcus Fenix. However, his victory came at a cost as he was on the other end of an attack by the newly formed Buu Supremacy. Thor was out of action for 2 months, but returned on Augsut 25th to compete in a fatal four way steel cage match with Ryu Hayabusa, Bojack and King. However, Thor would fail to win that match and was eventually released by the M4G-Nation.

Return With The D-LeagueEdit

However, Thor was given a second chance in the M4G-Nation by M4G-Nation Commentator Trevor, who made Thor is first pick in the D-League Draft. Thor was made a part of Trevor's team, the Trevolution. Thor made his debut in the D-League as part of a six-man elimination match alongside Mario, Sonic The Hedgehog, Popeye, Piccolo and Johnny Bravo. Thor came close, but ended up as the last man eliminated in the match by Bravo. Thor was the 2nd man to enter the D-League Royal Rumble. He ended up being the 1st man eliminated when Nightcrawler, a fellow member of Trevolution, eliminated him. Thor participated in a ladder match for a future shot at the TMNxT Championship against Ronald McDonald (who would go on to win the match), Woody, Juggernaut, Mr. Freeze, and Joey Ryan. Thor would fail to win any matches in the D League with a record of 0-5.

Main rosterEdit

He would be drafted to the main roster and would lose his first matchup a fatal four way with Jason VoorheesKing Leondias, and M. Bison.

Theme SongEdit

Thor soundtrack - Earth to Asgard02:34

Thor soundtrack - Earth to Asgard


  • Thor has the distinction of being the first ever person to be drafted in the M4G-Nation as he was the first drafted in the D-League.
  • Thor's entrance mimics that of the Ultimate Warrior.
  • Thor's moveset is the same as Sheamus's, a real professional wrestler.

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