Bio Edit

The Unwashed are a group who have been unrecognized and want to take all the championships for them selves

Wins : 16

Loses : 9

History Edit

The Unwashed debuted July 17th 2014 Starting off with a match with Sub Zero and Jack 6 soon after Venom, Ryu Hayabusa and Sephiroth and they would team up with Sub Zero and attack Jack 6. Then Bane would come out before Sub Zero could attack Jack 6 with a chair but in stead Bane attacked Jack 6 with the chair.

Trivia Edit

Members Edit

Loki (Leader)

Bane (Voice)


The Joker



Ryu Hayabusa

Accomplishments Edit

(M4GNation Blue Champion) (1 Time) : Bane

(Galactic Champion) (1 Time): Sub Zero

(Hardcore Champion) (0)

(Atom Weight Champion) (0)

(Tag Team Champion) (0)

(Royal Rumble) (1 Times) : Bane

Theme Song Edit

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