The Tick
Origin New England Comics
Debut: November 28th 2013
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Spoon (Spinebuster)

The Tick is a spoof superhero from New England comics that fights on the M4G-Nation Blue roster.


The Tick would win his debut matchup in a tlc fatal four way involving VenomReptileSpawn. In the process he would become the number one contender for the Hardcore Championship owned at the time by Big Daddy. He would battle Big Daddy a week later in a Hardcore matchup that was brutal, painful, and extreme. In the end The Tick would pin Big Daddy to become the new Hardcore Champion in a Match of the Year Contender.

The Tick would defend his title against Mr. Christmas in a Hardcore match at Space Jam. After being hit with The Xmas Cheer, The Tick resoponded with a simple Scoop Slam and would go on to win the match over Mr. Christmas.

Later he would later successfully defend his title again at Supernova 2 in a triple threat against Cobra Commander and Big Daddy.

In the special 7 v 7 match, The Tick was forced to defend his hardcore championship. He only lasted 7 minutes and lost his title to Bandit Keith.

He competed in the Hell in a Cell match at Vernal Equinox 2 but lost.

On an episode of Blue, he was given a chance to get back in the Hardcore title hunt by being in a 6 man ladder match. The other men that competed in that match were Big Daddy, Alucard, Gipsy Danger, Venom, and the eventual winner Robin.

In the Blue Royal Rumble, he got unlucky and started off at number 1. He was the first man eliminated. Although in the Blue tournament he entered as seed number 13 and faced off against Wolverine (seed 4) in a cage match. The Tick was able to escape the cage first and win the match. Next round he faced off against Captain Pollution in a regular one on one match and was able to pick up the win against the seasoned veteran. The next round he faced against Joker in an extreme rules match but was unable to pick up the win. The Tick will face Gypsy Danger, Sephiroth, and Joker to determine who will fight Kratos at the next pay-per-view.

Theme SongEdit

The tick00:59

The tick


  • The Tick is 8-3 in his career.
  • Excluding competitors who won the title in their debut, The Tick has had the shortest amount of time between his debut and winning the Hardcore Championship, in only 11 days.


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