The Supremacy
Buu and Bojack, former representatives of The Supremacy
Members: Buu



Marcus Fenix

Origins Dragon Ball Z (Buu)

Tekken 6 (Jack-6)

Real Life (Jesus)

Gears of War (Marcus Fenix)

Debut: September 24, 2012
Careers: Active
Finishing Moves: N/A
The Supremacy are a tag team in the M4G-Nation consisting of several members from the Buu Supremacy stable. While many members of the faction have allied with one another sporting the name, the tag team is often composed of Buu and Bojack. However, as of August 19, 2013, their bond deteriorated shortly after Bojack's face turn. Jesus and Captain Pollution had a brief run as substitutes for The Supremacy, partaking in one match before their dissolution by Captain Pollution's departure from the stable.

As a tandem, The Supremacy have captured the Tag Team Championship once.


The group's run as a tag team began on September 24, 2012, in the TMN Tag Team Tourney. Bojack and Marcus Fenix made their participation in the tournament in an attempt to gain a foothold of the Tag Team Division for the Buu Supremacy. Together, the two powerhouses made a near successful run in the competition, defeating the likes of the Night Stalkers and Trunks & Raphael to advance on to the semi-finals. At the penultimate round, they were defeated by the far more diminutive Blue Crush. This proved to be the final instance of Bojack and Marcus Fenix as a wrestling duo. On the February 19 edition of the M4G-Nation, former member Ash Ketchum and Jack-6 unsuccessfully faced tag team champions Spartan Fury. After an unsuccessful 6-man tag team match between Buu, Bojack, and Marcus Fenix against three members of the Neo-Underworld, Bojack then teamed up with Jack-6 as Ash's replacement to challenge then tag team of Captain Planet and Captain America, which saw Captain Planet turn heel and join the Buu Supremacy by assaulting his tag team partner and abandoning him to be pinned by The Supremacy. With this victory, The Supremacy were qualified to face Kings of the Jungle as a means to contend for the Tag Team Championship. However, despite the addition of stable leader Buu as a full time member of the tag team, they were unsuccessful in defeating the composition of Wolverine and King.

Following the events of Vernal Equinox, The Supremacy cut a promo addressing the M4G-Nation universe of the team's prospect of a championship reign, promising the Tag Team Division that they will capture the titles. With a fresh goal in mind, they first pursued the belts by defeating the tag team of Vegeta and Sephiroth. They were then able to exact revenge on Kings of the Jungle shortly afterwards for their initial encounter. Finally, at Sonic Boom, they were able to attain victory and the Tag Team Championship belts from Mortal Kombat. They held on to the belts until their first defense on June 14, losing the titles to Super Smash Bros in what was one of the titles' shortest reigns. Buu and Bojack attempted to reclaim their championships at Galactic Throwdown II (2013), having publicly invoked their rematch clause for the company's first ever tag team gauntlet match at the PPV. Unfortunately for them, they were unable to regain the belts, falling victim to former champions Spartan Fury. This event would eventually prove to be Buu and Bojack's last match together. The team would be temporarily revived as  other Supremacy members Captain Pollution and Jesus joined forces to beat Master Chief in a Handicap Match.

The Supremacy's tag team ranks were damaged when Bojack was estranged from the Buu Supremacy by attacking his ally and stable leader Buu. While the tag team will remain active in the traditional sense (due to the fact that unlike traditional tag teams, The Supremacy relies on having at least two or more members of the Buu Supremacy to be officially recognized as a tag team), their most well known alliance of Buu and Bojack has dissolved.


  • The Supremacy are notable for having one of the more brief Tag Team Championship reigns, having held the title for a mere 20 days. Their record was broken twice by Super Smash Bros, who lost the titles at Galactic Throwdown II (2013), and Westeros at the same event.
  • While The Supremacy held the championship, they were the first to defend it under the 'Freebird Rule', which permitted anybody from their stable to defend the titles on the original winners Buu and Bojack's behalf.

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