The Riddler
Origin DC Comics
Debut: July 26, 2013
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Mind Eraser (Three quarter facelock legsweep DDT)

The Riddler is one of Batman's main antagonists in DC Comics. He possesses no super powers and relies on his intelligence. He is an active member of the D-League and a member of The IceBergs. He was the first and former TMNXT Champion.

When in the M4G-Nation, he is portrayed by Jim Carrey. Jim Carrey also played him in Batman Forever.


Edward Nigma as a child had an INCREDIBLY curious mind. He wanted to know the answer to everything, even if it meant making up the questions himself. His obssession and queries annoyed his family and friends, and this was further expanded on when his teacher had a competition with the class over who could solve a really hard riddle the fastest. Edward decided to cheat, by sneaking into the school and practising the puzzle over and over again until he could do it in under a minute. Having won the competition via cheating, he eventually took upon a life of crime. Rather than taking upon an actual job as a living, he cheated and just robbed money instead. Over time, his fascination with riddles and puzzles eventually drove him insane and made him become The Riddler, one of the smartest and insane villains Batman has ever come across.



Fans of the M4g-Nation voted for The Riddler to be one of the six people to represent The IceBergs in the D-League. He debuted by winning a 6-man battle royal against Woody, Nightcrawler, Green Goblin, Kick-Ass, and Dexter. This caused him to earn a shot at the TMNxt Championship. The Riddler was the 24th entrant in the D-League Royal Rumble. He managed to eliminate Woody before being eliminated by fellow team member and winner of the rumble, James Bond. On August 9th, 2013, The Riddler won the TMNxt Championship in an Armageddon Hell In A Cell against Burger King, Johnny Bravo, Nappa, The Man in the Yellow Hat, and James Bond. Ridder would fail to win a triple threat match with Woody and Green Goblin but was able to rebound successfully defending the TMNxt Championship vs one half of the TMNXT Tag Team Champions Ronald McDonald. He would then take a week offf before battling fellow fan teammate Piccolo in a ladder match where Piccolo would grab the title to become the new champion. He would get his rematch against his fellow teammate and the Punisher in a triple threat match which the Punisher won. The Riddler would then participate in a fatal four way match vs Blue Ranger , Green Ant, and Bowser . He would get no eliminations and would tap out via Bowser.

Main RosterEdit

The Riddler would be put in another fatal four way match against Rorschach , Red Ranger , and Michaelangelo for a shot at the Atom-Weight Championship . The Riddler made no repeat of his last match and pinned Red Ranger and Michaelangelo to get a shot at the title and got a spot on the M4G-Nation Blue roster.

Theme SongEdit

Method Man - The Riddler04:01

Method Man - The Riddler


  • The Riddler was the first character that the M4G-Nation fans voted for to be on their team
  • The Riddler entrance reflects that of WWE's royal life Superstar The Boogeyman.
  • He has Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston based moves and Dean Ambrose's finisher.


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