The McNuggets were a team in the D-League that consisted of the Superhero Kick-Ass and Mascot Ronald McDonald. This team represented the Trevolution and have the distinction of being the first tag team to win the TMNXT Tag Team Championship. This team is currently disbanded after Ronald McDonald was killed by the Demon Chicken and Kick-Ass was released.


The Team first teamed up as the final participants in the TMNXT Tag Team Gauntlet in Episode 5 of Season 1. They faced off against Jungle Boogie to determine the first ever TMNXT Tag Team Champions. Ronald and Kick-Ass were able to pick up the win and make history as the first champions.

Their title reign would last only one title defense as they were defeated on episode 12 by the BK Value Meal in a TLC match. This match was highly considered to be one of the greatest matches in TMNXT history. However, this would be the McNuggets final match as a team as Ronald was choke-slammed to hell by the Demon Chicken. After the TMNXT Tournament, Kick-Ass was released from his contract. As of right now, no member of the team is contracted to TMNXT or the main roster.


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