The Man with the Yellow Hat
Origin Curious George (1941)
Debut: July 26, 2013
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Curiosity (Jumping DDT)

The Man with the Yellow Hat is one of the main characters of the Curious George books. He is a member of The Orange Iguanas and is an active member of the D-League.

The Man takes care of fellow team member, Curious George.



The Man with the Yellow Hat was Pat James Regan/Black Wing's third pick for The Orange Iguanas in the D-League. The Man debuted by winning a 6-man battle royal involving James Bond, Iron Patriot, Punisher, Mr. Popo, and Mr. Freeze and earned a shot at the TMNxt Championship.

The Man was the 14th entrant in the D-League Royal Rumble and was eliminated by Piccolo.

One week later, he would lose in the Armageddon Hell In A Cell title match against Nappa, The Riddler, James Bond, Burger King, and Johnny Bravo.

On episode 5 of TMNXT, he teamed up with Curios George to become Jungle Boogie. The came out 4th and beat Joey Ryan and Johnny Bravo. The next match they were defeated by the McNuggets.

He did appear on Episode 7 of TMNXT. He was in 10 man Royal Rumble by entering #1. He elimanating Popeye, and was tossed out by Godzilla.

He was in one of the elimanation chamber on TMNXT episode 9. He got eliminated first which meant he was placed in a last place chamber. In the last place he survived not being last but was eliminated by Mr. Popo.

Theme SongEdit

Jack Johnson - Upside Down(Lyrics Only)03:31

Jack Johnson - Upside Down(Lyrics Only)


· The Man in the Yellow Hat is one of the few people to look different and have a different name when moved to Trevors hardrive.

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