Welcome to the M4G-nation Power Rankings. In this I try to rank the wrestlers of the M4G-Nation into system of ranks made up of the wrestlers on M4G-Nation Blue and Green as a way to see who is the best wrestler in all the M4G-Nation. These rankings are my own and do not influence anything that happens with the M4G-Nation. 

Here is the breakdown of the rankings system in place

Holding a Championship, being No. 1 contender or holding a Money in the Bank briefcase counts for much of a wrestlers ranking. If a wrestler is tired with another wrestler any of the listed scenarios will break the tie. Wins and Losses account for much of the week-to-week movement. "Getting the better" of someone-like beating someone down-as well as "getting got" counts as well, through not as much as wins and losses. Being "over" with the fans is considered but not heavily weighted in the ranking decisions. Pay-per-view performance takes on added importance. Only the top 10 wrestlers are ranked, and every other wrestler is unranked. Wrestlers on the "Watch List" were considered for top-10 status but ulimately were nixed. They too are unranked, and their listing is in no particular order. Generaly speaking, these rankings do not break kayfabe through any major real life scenarios(such as a caw being destoryed, or the lost of any and all infomation or refresh of rosters.)

This is the power rankings as of June 9th, 2014

Watch ListEdit

Cookie MonsterEdit

The reason Cookie Monster is down here is due to his inablilty to retain the title. He won't remain in the watch list for long if he can get another shot at the title. He has two chances at either the Blue Championship or the Intergalactic Championship. The Cookie Monster needs to refocus and get his head back in the game.

Paul PhoenixEdit

The M4G-Nation green Money in the Bank winner won and now sits with a title shot anytime anywhere and with Galactic Throwdown III upcoming Paul is ready for his chance to prove that he is a great wrestler. There will be a lot of guys looking to take the title but Paul may be in the best spot. We shall see but the new Mr. Money in the Bank is a great pick.


Rank 10Edit

Last Week Rank Outta No Where

Batman and Robin have come out of the dark hole and are not champs. They beat Sepeiroth Prime and then took down Team Angle before beating one of the best Tag Team Champions in Mortal Kombat. Robin had shown a lot of promise while everyone knew how good Batman was. Now that they are Champions they have a chance to make history. But Galactic Throwdown III and its infamous Ten team Gauntlet is upcoming. Can they survive.

Rank 9Edit

Last Week rank Outta No Where

Gambit was able to defeat three other Atom Weights(White Ranger, Robin, and The Joker) and was the blue contender in the fatal four way vs Champion Megaman, Green Arrow, and Space Ghost. It came down to Green Arrow and Gambit where Gambit was able to pin the dude and win the title. Gambit went from being one of the guys being considered for being in March Saddness to being a Champion. Hard work and wins pay off.

Rank 8 Edit

Last Week Rank 10th

The Green Gobin is now longest regining champion in the M4G-Nation. He keeps winning and winning and winning. At Sonic Boom 2 he knocked offf M Bison and Taskmaster in a great matchup. He is in many ways one of Green's brightest stars and is shinning bright so far. He is a perfect example of a D-League wrestler transforming into main roster mainstray. The best there is best there was, and best there ever will be looks forward to keep going.

Rank 7Edit

Last Week rank Outta No Where

Darth Vader with two wins shoots himself up the ranks by first winning a three way fight between The Hulk and Zangief. He follows it up by defeating Goku and becoming the new SolarFlare Champion. He has been lost of almost a year ever since Jack-6 beat him for the M4G-Nation Championship. With this title regin perhaps the dark lord of the sith can rebuild his career and perhaps begin his climb back into M4G-Nation legend.

Rank 6Edit

Last Week Rank 1st

Captain America just lost the title at Sonic Boom 2. He lost to Ryu and being pinned. Now that he no longer has a title he has to fight his way past others who are shooting up and gunning for a chance at the title. The Avenger needs to reinvent himself in order to make sure his title regins last longer.

Rank 5Edit

Last Week Rank Outta No Where

Deadpool the long suffering Internet Champion was able to beat 40 other men and won the Green Royal Rumble. Now with a shot at the Green Title vs Ryu Deadpool will try to defeat Ryu for the Green Championship. Can the former member of Shadow Force Wrestling get the job done?

Rank 4Edit

Last Week Rank 3rd

Ash ketchum has just lost the title he won to complete the triple crown and Grand Slam when he lost the Galactic Championship. Losing the title negates a win over Cookie Monster whow as the Blue Champion at the time due to the fact that he lost when he had a 3-1 lead with 2 minutes to go and somehow Vegeta was able to claw back and win the title. Ash is a great wrestler and he will always be in a championship picture.  

Rank 3Edit

Last week Rank 5th

Vegeta regains his InterGalactic Championship by beating Ash Ketchum in a 20 minute iron man match 4-3. He was able to overcome the 3-1 pinfall count and got the winning submission at 4 second son the clock. Now that he is the champion the 40 man rumble to find his challenger for the Galactic Throwdown 3 is coming up. We shall see what happens but Vegeta is ready for a fight anytime anywhere.

Rank 2Edit

Last Week Rank Watch List

Ryu wins back his green Championship by beating Captain America and rival Kazuya. Now that he is the champion again Ryu needs to get ready because Deadpool, Captain America, and Paul Phoenix are all gunning for his championship. It is tough being Champ but Ryu has the ability to turn it up and he will be ready.

Rank 1Edit

Last Week Rank 4th

Kratos is back and he wins the M4G-Nation Blue Championship from the Cookie Monster. In a hard fought battle Kratos proved that he could beat Cookie Monster and wins back the title at Sonic Boom 2. He is the M4G-Nation Blue Champion moving towards Galactic Throwdown 3. Up coming will be a 16 man tourny to determind who will face Kratos. The God of War is ready for the fight.

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