The Little Cruise that Could
Members: Packard

Burger King



Mr. Freeze

Dragon Dragon


Debut: July 8, 2013
Origin: Real Life (Packard, Dragon Dragon, and Burger King)

DC Comics (Mr. Freeze)

Donkey Kong (Mario)

Thimble Theatre (Popeye)

The Little Cruise that Could is a stable in the D-League that was created by Packard.

This is the team that will represent Packard in the M4G-Nation's D-League and features 6 wrestlers drafted by him on July 8th. The name is a reference to the "Buu's Cruise", a nickname for Buu Supremacy.



Packard picked the first six members during the draft for the D-League on July 8th 2013.

Burger King earned a shot at the TMNXT Championship when he won a 6-man battle royal against Ronald McDonald, Waldo, Curious George, Joey Ryan, and The Terminator.

No members of the stable won the D-League Royal Rumble.

On week 12 of TMNXT, Burger King and Woody won the TMNXT title belts.


Packard - Leader (July 8, 2013 - Present)

Burger King - (July 8, 2013 - Present)

Popeye - (July 8, 2013 - Present)

Mario - (July 8, 2013 - Present)

Mini Chris Jericho - (September 14, 2013 - Present)

Dragon Dragon - (July 8, 2013 - Present)

Woody - (July 8, 2013 - Present)


  • The IceBergs's, a team created by the fans, was given its name as a joke because of The Little Cruise that Could.

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