The Joker
Origin DC Comics
Debut: May 28, 2012 (Shadow Force Wrestling)/October 31, 2012 (M4Gnation)
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Jokers wild (Dirty Deeds)

The Joker is one of Batman's many villains, a former member of the Shadow Force Wrestling roster, a current member of the M4G-Nation Blue , and was one of the twenty competitors in the Halloween Royal Rumble


The Joker's real name has never been revealed in Batman comic books or popular culture. But according to the Killing Joke comic, he was a engineer, who quit his job as an engineer to pursue a career in stand-up comedy. However, he was failing miserably and desperately needed to support his pregnant wife. He reluctantly agreed to help two criminals break into the plant he used to work at. However, just prior to the break-in he was told that his wife and unborn child had died. Finding no reason for him to continue with the break-in, he tries to get out of it. However, the criminals force him to continue and give him a red mask and cape to cover his identity. He finds himself in the middle of a shoot-off with both criminals being killed. He was later confronted by Batman, who came to check the disturbance. Not being able to see and frightened, he falls into chemical waste which permanently change his skin to white and his hair to green. Driven mad, the man began his reign as the Clown Prince Of Crime... The Joker.


Shadow Force Wrestling and Halloween Royal rumbleEdit

The Joker debuted by winning a Championship Scramble for the Galactic Championship against Master Chief, Dr. Doom, Kratos, and Pauly D. However he would not defend the title after Shadow Force Wrestling was shut down. Joker was the 20th wrestler to enter the Halloween Royal Rumble of 2012 trying to become a member of the roster. He made it to final 3 and eliminated both Ghostface and Pinhead before being quickly eliminated by Jason Voorhees and Bowser.

M4G-Nation returnEdit

On the State of the M4G-Nation of October 2nd The Joker would attack Atom-Weight Champion Tien Shinhan in the parking lot from behind and put the champion through a car window. He would win his debut matchup vs former Tag Team Champion Link. On the State of the M4G-Nation of October 9th Joker would try to run over a recovered Tien proclaiming "Tag! You're it..." He would battle for the Atom Weight Championship at M4Gamania 2 Trobule in Jamaica vs Tien, Trunks, and Deadpool. The Joker came away with no gold. Afterwards he would join Captain Pollution and Zangief in La Pollution. They would lose there first match to Mortal Kombat and he would be unable to win a atom weight chamber match. The Joker would team with newest member of La Pollution, M. Bison but would lose to Mortal Kombat in a tag team matchup.

Theme SongEdit

LEGO Batman The Videogame Soundtrack - Joker´s Theme Funland03:59

LEGO Batman The Videogame Soundtrack - Joker´s Theme Funland


  • Despite winning the Galactic Championship Joker's title regin is not counted as offical by the M4G-Nation since he won it over at SFW


  • Galactic Championship (1 Time)*
  • The title reign occured while the Galactic Championship was in Shadow Force Wrestling. This is not officially recognised in the M4G-Nation as an official title reign.

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