The Iron Giants
Members: Iron Man

Master Chief

Origins Marvel Comics (Iron Man)

Halo (Master Chief)

Debut: September 3, 2012
Careers: Inactive
Finishing Moves: Iron Man - Sponsored by Stark Industries (Fisherman Driver)

Master Chief - Shield Drain (Firemans carry cutter')

The Iron Giants​ are a tag team in the M4G-Nation consisting of Iron Man and Master Chief. While each individual member has enjoyed an advanced tenure in the M4G-Nation roster, they could not find much success as a group, despite a lengthy stint. During their two match career together, they have contended for the Tag Team Championship , and were top prospects to win the prized titles.

While the Iron Giants never had a stint in WWE '13, both Master Chief and Iron Man are currently employed on the M4G-Nation's active roster, despite refraining from appearing as a tandem.


Iron Man and the returning Master Chief first appeared together atypical of conventional tag teams; where they arrived in a promo challenging then champions Sephiroth Prime to a title match. Optimus Prime and Sephiroth addressed the M4G-Nation universe regarding this situation, genuinely incensed by the fact that an debuting tag team would automatically and undeservingly challenge them for their championships. Following the promo, the Iron Giants would face against the tag team champs, however, Sephiroth and Optimus Prime would successfully retain.

Days later, Master Chief and Iron Man would attempt to capture the championships once again by contending against 15 other teams in the TMN Tag Team Tourney. Many a fan predicted the Iron-clad duo to win it all - but unfortunately, they would be defeated by Team Badass in a major upset loss. It was then heavily implied that they unceremoniously split up and returned to singles competition for the remainder of WWE '12 and WWE '13. While they were apart, they experienced successful singles careers in comparison to their tag team careers: Master Chief is a two time Galactic Champion, while Iron Man had a Hardcore Championship reign.


  • Their team name stems from the fact that they each wear heavy suits of armor in battle, and are considered to be heroes of their respective franchises.

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