The IceBergs
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Members: Bowser

Johnny Bravo


Walter White

Crash Bandicoot

Scott Steiner

Debut: July 19, 2013
Origin: Mario Series (Bowser)

Johnny Bravo Series (Johnny Bravo)

DC Comics (Deathstroke)

Breaking Bad (Walter White)

Crash Bandicoot Series (Crash Bandicoot)

Real Life (Scott Steiner

The IceBergs is a stable in the D-League that was created by the fans.

This is the team that will represent the fans in the M4G-Nation's D-League and features 6 wrestlers drafted by them on July 8th. The team is led by Thomas Robinson.


The Riddler EraEdit

The members were voted in by the fans on multiple polls on FaceBook. The winners of them polls were James Bond, Piccolo, The Riddler, Terminator, Mr Popo and Stay Puft Marshmallow man and were installed into the league.

All six men had oppurtunities to win the newly-created TMNXT Championship. However, only The Riddler earned a shot at the TMNXT Championship initally, when he won a 6-man battle royal against Woody, Dexter, Kick-Ass, Nightcrawler, and Green Goblin. James Bond would join him in the TMNXT Championship match when he won the D-League Royal Rumble. Bond and Riddler both participated in the Armageddon Hell In A Cell match for the TMNXT Championship alongside The Burger King, Nappa, The Man In The Yellow Hat and Johnny Bravo. In the end, it was the Riddler that secured the championship.

James Bond and The Terminator were also partnered up as part of a tag team tournament to crown the first ever TMNXT Tag Team Champions. However, the team was unable to win the titles. However, Piccolo won a 10 man battle royal shortly afterwards to earn a TMNXT Championship match against The Riddler, making this the first time two Icebergs members fought one on one. The Stay Puft Marshallow Man was kicked out of the Icebergs after a Facebook fan vote. Spawn was signed in his place.

The Armbar Express EraEdit

On September 21st 2013, M4G-Nation fan and writer of the Armbar Express Tom Robinson was named the leader of the Icebergs by M4gnitude on TMNXT Episode 9. Tom wasted little time in making decisions for the Icebergs. He held a Facebook vote of his own to determine who out of Mr Popo and Terminator should leave the group. Both men had poor records for the Icebergs but it was Mr Popo who was spared and Terminator was kicked out only just. Hellboy was signed as Terminator's replacement after his victory in an Elimination Chamber match which earned him a spot in the number one contendership match for the TMNXT Championship. However, Hellboy was unable to earn a title shot on TMNXT Episode 10.

On the same episode, Mr Popo was spared again of removal from the group when he managed to not come last in the last place Elimination Chamber match (after coming place in an elimination chamber match the week before). Also, Piccolo and The Riddler fought for the TMNXT Championship, with Piccolo defeating Riddler to win the TMNXT Championship.

Tom decided to have the newly signed Hellboy and Spawn team as the Hellspawns for an upcoming tag team tournament. On TMNXT Episode 11, Spawn and Hellboy debuted as the Hellspawns tag team in a mini tag team tournament to determine number one contenders for the TMNXT Tag Team Championship. However, they were defeated via count out by The Burger King and Woody.  

On the same episode, Gohan debuted as a free agent in TMNXT. After his debuted, he was immedieatly signed onto the Icebergs by Tom Robinson on October 6th 2013, with Mr Popo FINALLY being kicked out. However, on TMNXT Episode 12, The Icebergs lost possession of the TMNXT Championship for the first time when Piccolo lost the title to The Punisher in a triple threat match also involving The Riddler. The Riddler and Piccolo attacked each other a lot during that match, with tensions still in the air following The Riddler's title loss to Piccolo in TMNXT 10. 

The TMNXT Tournament EraEdit

A TMNXT Tournament began on TMNXT Episode 13 with the winner getting a TMNXT Championship match. Every member of the Icebergs except Piccolo was included in the Tournament. 

Gohan was in the first match in the tournament, ranked as the bottom seed of the tournament, going up against the number 1 seed and TMNXT Tag Team Champion Burger King. Gohan defeated Burger King in what many considered to be a huge upset. Gohan was dominant through out the match and was nicknamed afterwards as the "Ace In The Hole" for the Icebergs. While a number of wrestlers also qualified for the next round as well, none of them were able to go further than that.

The WWE 2K14 EraEdit

From March 21st to March 23rd, a draft was held to redraft the M4G-Nation teams. Spawn was not eligible for the draft as he had been promoted to the main roster. James Bond was unable to be drafted as well while Hellboy and The Riddler were simply not selected. Gohan and Piccolo were both drafted to different teams. This meant that the team would be completed changed. The team was selected by Icebergs representative Tom Robinson.

The first pick of the draft was Bowser, who had impressed in a 2k14 preview TMNXT match. Former Fort Wayne Mad Ants wrestler Johnny Bravo was the second draft pick as a "Fuck You" to M4GNitude for picking Gohan before Tom could. The third pick of the draft was M4G-Nation newcomer and DC Comics villian Deathstroke. The fourth pick was the Breaking Bad character Walter White who Tom had been planning to pick for some time. The fifth pick was Crash Bandicoot, who would be the Icebergs Atom-Weight representative. The last pick of the draft was real-life professional wrestler Scott Steiner, who was picked because Tom felt that a professional wrestler was essential for the team to succeed. 

Things started off well for the team in the Number One Contendership qualifiers from Episodes 1 and 2. Crash Bandicoot and Bowser both qualified for the number one contendership match for the TMNXT Championship. However, both were denied victory. Crash had an oppurtunity near the end of the match to win the title shot, but Bowser pushed him off a ladder into another ladder to cost him the match. Scott Steiner suffered the embarrassment in coming last in both his qualifier and punishment match and was forced to face the Demon Chicken. However, Steiner was able to upset the Chicken and redeem himself. Steiner came off the match oozing with confidence. Steiner teamed up with Johnny Bravo in episode 4 to compete in the TMNXT Tag Title gauntlett. Entering in 4th, the Johnnywood Blondes were able to win the entire gauntlet to become the TMNXT Tag Team Champions. The team were able to bring in some gold for the newly altered Icebergs.

The Scott Steiner EraEdit

Outside TMNXT, Walter White lost to Godzilla in a movie promo match. All six men were entrants in the TMNXT Royal Rumble match but none of them were able to pull out the victory. Steiner had 3 eliminations and last nearly 10 minutes while Deathstroke also lasted a long time. Johnny Bravo was not as great in the Rumble as his partner and was eliminated in less than 2 minutes.

Crash and Walter both entered the TMNXT Atom-Weight Battle Royal, but both were unsuccessful. Bravo and Steiner retained the TMNXT Tag Titles and Steiner continued to build on his success. Steiner was also the only Iceberg member to qualify for the number one contendership Elimination Chamber match. None of the Icebergs finished last in the qualifiers, but Deathstroke was fired after a number of disappointing results. A new member will be drafted in his place.


Current MembersEdit

Thomas Robinson (Leader) - (Added September 21st 2013)

Bowser - (Added March 22, 2014)

Johnny Bravo - (Added March 23, 2014)

Walter White - (Added March 23, 2014)

Crash Bandicoot - (Added March 23, 2014)

Scott Steiner -  (Added March 23, 2014)

New Member TBD

Former MembersEdit

The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man - (July 8, 2013 - September 8, 2013)

The Terminator - (July 8, 2013 - September 22, 2013)

Mr. Popo - (July 8, 2013 - October 6, 2013)

Piccolo - (July 8, 2013 - March 22 2014)

The Riddler - (July 8, 2013 - March 23 2014)

James Bond (July 8 2013 - March 21 2014)

Deathstroke - (March 23, 2014 - June 7, 2014)


  • Other names for the team that the fans could vote on were Baha Men, Cthulhu Squirrel Ranger Jr.s, Pecking Order, Walls of Flippy Shit, M4G Dream Team, and VIVA LA POLLUTION!.


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