The Hulk
Origin Marvel Comics
Debut: June 13th 2012
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Hulk Smash(jackhammer )

The Hulk is a superhero in the comic book of the same name and is an active member of the M4G-Nation Green roster.

The Hulk is a long running member of the roster and is one of the most well known names. The Hulk is among the biggest draws in all the M4G-Nation and one of its strongest members. The Hulk has been a number one contender for the Hardcore Championship and is a former number one contender for the Galactic Championship. He is now the current Hardcore Champion and one half of the Blue Tag Team Champions.


Dr Bruce Banner was a brilliant scientist studying gamma-rays at a high-level. Banner was responsible for building a gamma bomb with signficiant magnitude. During a test detonation of the bomb, he tried to save his friend Rick Jones from being hit with the force of the explosion. Inadvertdely however, Bruce became a subject of the blast himself and was exposed to a significant amount of gamma rays. These gamma rays had such an effect on Banner that he would begin to transform into an unstoppable creature known as The Hulk whenever angered. 


Season 1 BattlesEdit

The Hulk would make his debut vs Bojack on June 13th 2012 in a extreme rules match. The Hulk would pin Bojack to win the match. This resulted in a ppv match vs Bojack and Jack-6 for the Extra-Solar Title(Later renamed Galactic Championship) The Hulk would be unable to win the match as Jack-6 pinned Bojack to retain. The Hulk would then battle Marcus Fenix of the Buu Supremacy while Buu would watch from ringside. The Hulk would battle but fall to Marcus. The Hulk would then take part in the first ever Money in the Bank ladder match. The Hulk would come close some times but was unable to win the briefcase as fellow Avenger Captain America would win the match. The Hulk would take part in the second Avengers vs Justice League Promo Match which the Avengers won. The Hulk would then take part in the second Royal Rumble. The Hulk would come out at number 18 and would get rid of Sub-ZeroMaster Chief, but would be defeated by Raphael. The Hulk's next match would be vs Judge Dredd in another promo steel cage match. The Hulk would climb out of the cage and win the match.

Losing streakEdit

The Hulk's next match would be a 6 man tag team match. The Hulk would team with the Tag Team Champions Spartan Fury vs EzioBatman, and Rorschach. The Hulk and his team would lose the match. The Hulk's next match would be in the third ever royal rumble. He would come out at number 24 and would get rid of rival Wolverine, Buu, and Superman before falling to Ezio. Hulk however would get a chance for the Galactic Championship at the Big Bang facing off in the Elimination Chamber. The Hulk would get rid of Bane and make it to the final three before being pinned by Master Chief.

The Hulk would take part in Avengers vs Justice league three where the Justice league woun the match. 

The Hulk would return after a month to try and win the Galactic number one contendership at Northern Lights in a fatal four way match. Once again Master Chief would pin Hulk.

The Hulk would not be seen again until the royal rumble of April 13th.The hulk would appear at number 6. from there he once again tossed out Wolverine, before being knocked out by King. The Hulk would appear at the Vernam Equinox in a Hardcore Championship fatal four way ladder match vs Iron ManBatman, and  Dale Earnhardt Jr.. The Hulk would get to the title once but was unable to win the match as he got worked over by Jr. in the match. The Hulk would battle in a triple threat with the Galactic title shot in the future vs Cookie Monster and Ryu who would win the match


The Hulk would get a on one on matchup with number 5 in points Vegeta on June 2nd. In a major upset the Hulk would best Vegeta ending a long losing streak. The Hulk would battle Superman in a promo match for Superman's movie which Superman won. The Hulk would then take part in a armageddon hell in the cell match. The Hulk would keep going winning the match by pinning Captain Pollution to become the number one contender for the Galactic Cmpionship vs Master Chief at Galactic Throwdown II. The Hulk would try to but was unable to win the match as Master Chief found a way to win. Master Chief would choose the Hulk as his partner but Buu and Zangief would assault Master Chief backstage making it a 2-1 handicap match. Jesus would pin The Hulk causing Captain Pollution vs Master Chief for the Galactic Championship to happen at Singularity. Zangief would then slam Hulk's head through a car window causing him to out of action for weeks.

Return and Road to Gold SeriesEdit

Hulk returned as the 33rd entrant in the Royal Rumble of August 2013 and eliminated King before being eliminated by Spiderman. He was the 1st entrant in the inaugural Road To Gold Series Royal Rumble, eliminated Yusuke and Captain America, and was eliminated by Zangief. Zangief then defeated Hulk after a sidewalk slam from the top rope during the Road to Gold Series. The Hulk would enter 2K14 losing a TLC fatal four way matchup for the Solar Flare Championship with Raiden, Space Ghost, and Zangief who pick up the win. The Hulk would later be traded to M4G-Nation Blue along with Ezio for Green getting Vegeta. It was in Blue that Hulk would start off a win streak by beating Big Daddy and The Tick in one on one matches. He would be a part of the Hardcore Championship gauntlet at M4Gamania and would win against the champion at the time Darth Maul and would defeat Batman and Bandit Keith to keep the title making it his first ever title in the M4G-Nation.

2K15 Edit

He would be one of the first wrestlers in the M4G-Nation to have a match alongside Superman for the Hardcore title in a extreme rules match. The Hulk would retain the championship after delivering a Jackhammer. Hulk would later team with Ironman in a tournament to become the inaugural Blue Tag Team Champions. The two would face Black Panther and Sabretooth and would win via a crossface (sponsored by Stark Industries) next facing The Autobots Optimus Prime and Cyborg. The teams would fight in a no DQ match which led the match to coming into chaos but Hulk would get the pin on Cyborg getting them a shot at the new tag titles. The Avengers would face The Greatest Lebron James and Tony Romo in a ladder match. Hulk would be a good distraction for Lebron while Romo was getting another ladder allowing Ironman to get the titles making Hulk a double champion. At Absolute Zero 2, The Avengers would retain the Blue Tag Team Titles against two members of the Faces of Fear, but later that night, The Hulk would lose the Hardcore Championship in a 6-Man elimination match where he would be the 4th man eliminated by the Blue Ranger.

Accomplishments Edit

Theme SongEdit Edit

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds: The Hulk Theme [Full]

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