The Flash
Origin DC Comics
Debut: May 4th 2012
Career: Active
Finishing Move: (450 Splash)
The Flash is a fictional superhero that is an active member of the M4G-Nation Blue Roster and a member of the Justice League stable.

The Flash featured in the first ever Justice Leage/Avengers match, before eventually becoming a permanent member of the roster. The Flash has come close to winning both the Atom-Weight Championship and the Hardcore Championship but has yet to win any titles.

The Flash is most known for being one of Packard's most hated superstars on the roster. This first came about when he appeared on the 3rd Justice League vs Avengers match. The Flash was berated by Packard for his only superpower being his super-speed and jokingly stating that his arch-nemesis was a speed-bump. To anger Packard further, Flash was entered into the full-time roster. However, he was later released due to poor performance throughout his career.


Justice League vs AvengersEdit

The Flash's first appearance in the M4G-Nation came about when he teamed up with fellow Justice League members Batman and Green Lantern to lose to The Avengers on May 4th. The Flash was absent from the 2nd match between the Justice League and The Avengers and did not appear again until December 22nd, when he was an entrant in the 3rd Royal Rumble. He entered at number 17 and eliminated Marcus Fenix but was eliminated in just under 3 minutes.

Even still, this was the longest time out of all the Justice League members and The Flash appeared in the 3rd Justice League vs Avengers match on January 11th 2013. The Flash was able to eliminate former Inter-Universal Champion Captain America and make The Hulk bleed as the Justice League was able to pick up the win. The Flash was the subject to a lot of hatred from commentator Packard who called Flash "a piece of shit". Packard had a problem with The Flash's only superpower being super speed and jokingly stated that his arch-nemesis was a speed bump.

Competing For The Atom-Weight ChampionshipEdit

The Flash was then offered a full-time contract at the M4G-Nation much to the annoyance of Packard. Flash immediately targeted the Atom-Weight Championship and participated in a fatal four way match involving Tien Shinhan, Ryu Hayabusa and Red Ranger on January 21st 2013 with the winner facing Ezio for the right to fight for the title. However Flash came up short. On February 21st 2013, he competed in a number one contendership Elimination Chamber match with the winner facing Ash Ketchum at Northern Lights. Coming out as the 3rd entrant he eliminated Speed Racer and Red Ranger and made the final two before being eliminated by Tien Shinhan. Even so, The Flash broke the record for the longest time spent in the Elimination Chamber clocking in a time of 24 minutes and 10 seconds. The Flash still holds that record to this day.

The Flash next appeared at the 4th Royal Rumble as the 28th entrant. However, he didn't do that well in it and was eliminated by Darth Vader. He would compete for the Hardcore Championship on June 18th 2013. He appeared as the 3rd entrant in the Championship Scramble and became the first person to score more than one fall in championship scramble history, pinning King twice. However, it was King who happened to gain the last fall and walk away the Hardcore Champion. The Flash would then team with Dale Earnhardt Jr. to become 2 Fast 4 Speed in the tag team gauntlet match at number 5 at Galactic Throwdown II. However while fighting Spartan Fury Flash would spear himself through the announce table and would not beat the ten count. After the Galactic Throwdown II, he and Dale Jr. would lose a handicap match to Jack-6 with Flash never being tagged in during the match.

Failures in singles and firedEdit

The Flash would then be in the Atom Weight Tournament but would lose to Link. He would also lose in round one of the king of the ring event to determine the first ever Internet Champion but would lose to Sephiroth.

It was announced on the house show stream of August 10th that Flash was fired from the company to make roster space. 

Bring backEdit

The Flash would be hired again and join M4G-Nation Blue. He would return losing a 6 man hell in the cell matchup on December 3rd, 2013.

Theme SongEdit

Justice League Unlimited - Full Theme (HQ)01:01

Justice League Unlimited - Full Theme (HQ)


  • The Flash lasted the longest time in the Royal Rumble out of his Justice League stable. He lasted longer than both Superman and Batman.
  • The Flash holds the record for the longest time spent in a single Elimination Chamber match clocking in a time of 24 minutes and 10 seconds.
  • He's the only person in the M4G-Nation to gain more than one fall in a single Championship Scramble match. Both pinfalls were on King, who just so happened to win that match by pinning The Flash.
  • Ironically, The Flash holds the record for the fastest fall in Championship Scramble history, getting a pinfall on King in 7 minutes 19 seconds.

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