The Blues Brothers
Members: Vegeta and MegaMan
Origins Dragon Ball Z and Megaman
Debut: June 30, 2013
Careers: Active
Finishing Moves: Vegeta: Final Flash (Inverted electric chair transitioned into a 360 corkscrew roundhouse kick)

MegaMan: Blue Bomber (Barrage of gut punches and spinning back knuckles, ending with a windup K.O punch)

The Blues Brothers are a Tag Team made up of Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z and MegaMan from the game of the same name and fights as an active Tag Team.

They are former Tag Team Champions having won the titles at Galactic Throwdown II (2013).


This odd pairing resulted from Buu of the Buu Supremacy daring Link to put the Tag Team Championships on the line at Galactic Throwdown II vs six other Tag Teams. Link accepted and Vegeta and MegaMan were paired up. They would draw last facing newly crowned champions Khal Drogo, and Poseidon. After the original match ended in a double countout, the sudden death stipulation was whichever team first performed a finisher would win the belts. Vegeta would hit Khal with a Final Flash in order to become the new Tag Team Champions. At Singularity the duo would lose their titles to Khal and Poseidon.

Theme SongEdit

Blues Brothers - Jailhouse Rock03:20

Blues Brothers - Jailhouse Rock


  • The idea to create this team came from M4Gnitude's want of a final random pairing of superstars. Packard helped him with the repackage and intro.
  • The Blues Brothers share the same entrance as Team Badass.


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