Team Urameshi
Members: Yusuke Urameshi


Origins YuYu Hakusho (Yusuke and Kuwabara)
Debut: April 4, 2012
Careers: Dissolved
Finishing Moves: Yusuke Urameshi - Spirit Gun (Spinning argentine toss)

Kuwabara - Unknown

Team Urameshi was a tag team formerly employed to the M4G-Nation. It consisted of YuYu Hakusho derived characters Yusuke Urameshi and Kuwabara.

They have fought for the Tag Team Championship in their brief match as a tag team, in what was the M4G-Nation's first uploaded tag team match.


Kuwabara and Yusuke Urameshi teamed up to compete against Team Old School for the recently introduced Tag Team Championship on April 4, 2012. In what proved to be their only match together, Team Urameshi was defeated by Ash Ketchum and Brock. Although they cooperated with each other on several occasions as advisors and friends, they never intended to form a tag team ever since their loss. 

Since then, Yusuke enjoyed a successful singles tenure, having captured the now defunct Inter-Universal Championship once. The tag team had officially dissolved when Kuwabara was released from his contract.


  • Both Team Urameshi and Team Old School are notable for participating in the M4G-Nation's inaugural tag team match.

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