The Tag Team Championship belt representing the division.

The Tag Team Division is a format used by the M4G-Nation to accomodate matches consisting of teams of two or more wrestlers squaring off against one another. Traditional wrestling rules utilized in singles matches are often applied in tag team matches unless a stipulation or additional rule(s) state otherwise. This division is reminiscient of the multitude of tag team divisions used in professional wrestling today.

Barring the singles division, the tag team division is the longest running league in the M4G-Nation. Unlike the Atom-Weight Division, inclusion in this format is completely optional and does not impose a height/weight restriction. Typically, participants in the division can either be dedicated team partners with little exposure in singles wrestling, or established singles wrestlers who form a tag team as a supplementary goal.

The title sought after by members of the division is the namesake Tag Team Championship.


The earliest recorded match of the division was on April 4, 2012, pitting Team Old School agaist Team Urameshi to determine the new Tag Team Champions. Team Old School defeated Yusuke Urameshi and Kuwabara to become the inaugural champions.

Later on, a miniature tag team tournament was conducted involving four teams, with the intent of determining a top contender to face Team Old School at Galactic Throwdown. Big Red Machines (Dante and Darth Maul) defeated Captain America and Captain Planet at the conclusion of the tournament and thus earned the privilege to fight Team Old School for the titles. However, they were unable to wrest the belts from the initial champions.

Months later, another tournament was held in the division. Coined as the TMN Tag Team Tourney, the tournament saw a total of sixteen competing teams - twelve more than its predecessor. Much like the tournament held before it, the better of two finalists would earn the opportunity to contend for the tag team titles. By its end, Spartan Fury (King Leonidas and Kratos) beat Blue Crush (Sonic and Blue Ranger) to gain contendership. But, in contrast to the fate of Big Red Machines, Spartan Fury would proceed to defeat defending champions Sephiroth Prime (Optimus Prime and Sephiroth) to attain title gold.

Several months following, Galactic Throwdown II (2013) featured the very first tag team gauntlet match, which saw seven teams of two contend for the Tag Team Championship. In this variation of a multiple man match, two teams begin in the ring fighting in a standard match, with one participating team replacing the team eliminated via pinfall, submission, countout, or disqualification. This continues until one team is left standing, who would be recognized as the new or defending champions (dependent on whether or not the team held the title prior to the gauntlet). A long fought battle later, The Blues Brothers defeated Westeros in the final of seven matches to become the last team undefeated and thus reign as the new title holders.


Current Tag Team Champions The Westeros (Khal Drogo and Poseidon)

Ghost to Gotham (Bane and Space Ghost)

Mortal Kombat (Scorpion and Sub-Zero)

Neo-Underworld (Various members from the faction of the same name, usually consisting of Skeletor and Myotismon)

Spartan Fury (King Leonidas and Kratos)

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