Tag Team Championship
The Tag Team Championship Belt
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Past Champions: See Below

The Tag Team Championship was a title defended and contested for by members of the Tag Team Division. The title is generally believed to be reminiscent of the multitude of tag-team championships evident in several other professional wrestling corporations.

With the split of the Tag Team and Atom-Weight Championship to both M4G-Nation Blue and M4G-Nation Green, the titles are now considered inactive.

Past Champions Edit

Old SchoolEdit

The tag-team consisting of Ash Ketchum & Brock became the inaugural champions by defeating Team Urameshi. Since then, Team Old School was able to successfully defend their titles against Final Fantasy as well as against Big Red Machines at Galactic Throwdown before their eventual defeat by #1 contenders Sephiroth Prime at Solar Eclipse.

Sephiroth PrimeEdit

The unusual tag-team composed of veteran M4G-Nation wrestler Optimus Prime alongside newcomer Sephiroth nonetheless established an impact immediately following their inception by decimating the likes of R2D2 and the Z Warriors to become the #1 contenders for the Tag Team Championship. Becoming a commentator favorite in the process, the duo then reached championship gold through their victory against Old School at Solar Eclipse. Sephiroth Prime was then able to defend their titles against the Iron Giants before their loss against TMN Tag Team Tourney winners Spartan Fury.

Spartan FuryEdit

Possessing a blend of raw strength and endurance, the duo consisting of King Leonidas and Kratos proved their mettle by winning the TMN Tag Team Tourney to become the #1 contenders. Following their victory, Spartan Fury then successfully defended their titles twice against The Underworld and on another occasion against Sports Authority before their loss at the hands of Mortal Kombat.

Spartan Fury holds the current record of the longest tag team championship reign with 124 days, surpassing Old School's streak by 4 days.

Mortal KombatEdit

Despite rather early tenures in tag-team wrestling, both members hailing from the Mortal Kombat universe (Scorpion & Sub-Zero) were able to defeat the experienced Ghost to Gotham and acheive the spot in a #1 contender's match against Sports Authority. However, instead of deciding the advancing tag-team through a wrestling match, Mortal Kombat amicably agreed to allow Sports Authority challenge Spartan Fury at the Supernova in exchange for a large sum of money.

With Sports Authority's loss at Supernova, Team Mortal Kombat was able to challenge Spartan Fury once more at Northern Lights, where Scorpion pinned King Leonidas for the title in spite of the referee's distraction at the hands of Kratos. The duo were then able to successfully defend their title a second time at Absolute Zero against Spartan Fury, and a third time against Kings of the Jungle at Vernal Equinox. At the following pay-per-view, Mortal Kombat faced their defeat and lost their titles to The Supremacy.

The SupremacyEdit

The heel tag team primarily consisting of Buu & Bojack gained their contendership for the tag team championship by defeating former #1 contenders Kings of the Jungle on May 18, 2013. In the closing moments of their scheduled match against Mortal Kombat, Buu managed to sneak in a victory by rolling up Scorpion in a small package pin, dubbed by co-commentator Packard as the signature move of the Buu Supremacy.

Note that since both members of The Supremacy are members of a stable as well, they would defend it under the freebird rule (which allows any 2 stable members to defend the titles on behalf of the team). So while Buu and Bojack currently act as the main tag team for the Buu Crew, any other member of the team are able to defend the belts. The duo eventually lost the title to the Super Smash Bros in a title match.

Super Smash Bros.Edit

The team composed of Link and Captain Falcon began their hunt for the tag team title in an episode of the State of the M4G-Nation uploaded on June 10, 2013. In this segment, Buu brags about the Buu Supremacy's dominance and confidently shrugs off their situation with the unveiled and improved Bane returning to the M4G-Nation. Upon this statement, Link interjects, reminding the Supremacy leader that he has a score to settle with the tag team champion and will be doing so in a title match with The Supremacy vs. Link alongside a mystery partner. Link's mystery ally was revealed to be Captain Falcon near the beginning of the match.

In a grueling 25 minute battle, Super Smash Bros acheived victory over The Supremacy when a blood-riddled Link landed his finishing maneuver on Bojack. In a unique twist on a title defense, Captain Falcon and Link were to secure their championships in a tag team gauntlet match pitting them against 5 teams. The duo failed to defend their titles after being the fifth team to be eliminated.

The Blues BrothersEdit

Taking unorthodox to heights unheard of, the tag team composed of Vegeta and MegaMan were the final team to be introduced in the tag team gauntlet match held to decide the champions. Pitted against The Westeros, who recently defeated then champions Super Smash Bros via submission, the uncanny tag team nevertheless proved their mettle to the M4G-Nation universe. By this time, however, the announcing team alluded to possible solutions for a sudden death battle should the final match end in a draw.

During the match, MegaMan suffered an F-5 on the announcing table courtesy of PPV debut Khal DrogoVegeta exacted revenge on the newcomer through an inverted facelock backbreaker. With Vegeta and Poseidon battling outside the ring, the two were unaware that both of their teammates lay incapacitated and exceeded the 10 second time threshold a legal fighter may remain outside of the ring. As such, to decide a new champion, a sudden death match was announced by head commentator M4Gnitude, who restarted the match under the rule that the team who succesfully performs their finishing maneuver will be crowned as the new champions. At the reinstated battle between the two teams, Vegeta landed the Final Flash on Khal Drogo for the victory and the championship on his and MegaMan's debut as allied partners. By the next PPV, the duo were relinquished of their titles by former champions The Westeros.

The WestrosEdit

The duo consisting of Poseidon and newcomer Khal Drogo were introduced to the M4G-Nation as the seventh selected team in the tag team gauntlet match held at Galactic Throwdown II. Khal Drogo managed to score the victory and the championship for his team by forcing Link to submit to the Torture Rack submission maneuver. In the subsequent match, Drogo and Poseidon were then pit against The Blues Brothers, who fought them to a draw due to a double countout. Since the Blues Brothers were the final team to enter the squared circle, a sudden death match was put forth by CEO M4Gnitude to determine a new champion, with the stipulation that the wrestler who lands their finishing move on their opposition will leave the ring victorious. In the reinstated match, Drogo was struck by Vegeta's Final Flash and as such, the Westeros were deprived of their titles in what is the shortest tag team championship reign.

After being randomly selected by the M4G-Nation, Poseidon and Khal Drogo were able to challenge the duo responsible for their brief title reign - The Blues Brothers, for their titles. In the kickoff show held at Singularity, the duo exacted revenge on the team consisting of MegaMan and Vegeta, becoming the Tag Team Championship's first ever two-time champions. They even claimed a victorious title defense against former champions Mortal Kombat at Solar Eclipse 2, and against Spartan Fury at Big Bang 2.

Red DeathEdit

Due to The Westros leaving the M4G-Nation new Tag Team Champions needed to be crowned. A 8 Team Tournment crossing the brands was held. TMNT would beat Blood Brothers while Mortal Kombat would beat La Pollution. Afterwords Mortal Kombat would beat TMNT to represent M4G-Nation Blue. Red Death would beat Fire Birds while Choas Theory would beat Spaceballs. Red Death would beat Choas Theory to move to the pay per view. At the Pay per View event Zangief would make Sub-Zero tap to end the match giving Red Death the win and Championships.

Mortal KombatEdit

Team Mortal Kombat would once again be in the title picture when they beat Bandit Keith and Captain America to face team Red Death at Supernova 2. But since Sub-Zero had won the Royal Rumble to face off against Ash KetchumScorpion had to recruit up-and-comer Reptile for the match. The team would win the titles with Reptile having his first reign and Scorpion his second. They have faced the Power Rangers and defeated them with little difficulty. Both were in the Bragging Rights match against the TMN Green team and lasted a long time. They have beaten many different tag teams in either division to keep the titles. Scorpion and Reptile would later lose against Batman and Robin at Sonic Boom 2.

Batman and RobinEdit

Batman and Robin would make their tag team debut against team Sephiroth Prime. The dynamic duo would win the match and would have a shot at the tag team titles if they could beat Sephiroth Prime once more. Batman and Robin would then face off against Team Angle, Iron Patriot and Hiei, at the pre-show for Sonic Boom 2 for a shot at the titles later that night. The duo would beat Team Angle to face Mortal Kombat in a TLC match. Both sides would fight tooth and nail for the titles but it would be Robin to climb the ladder grab the coveted titles. They would later lose the titles in a tag team gauntlet by being eliminated by the Xotica Xpress but the titles would be later won by Neo-Underworld.


Neo-Underworld made its return during the tag team gauntlet at Galactic Throwdown 3 after Myotismon and Skeletor were able to reunite once more. The duo were the final surprise competitors and they would face off against a weakend Xotica Xpress. Skeletor would pick up the win after a spinebuster delivered to Broly. The reign would not last long for the Neo-Underworld after they lost in a mini tournament for the tag titles against Super Smash Bros in the first round. The tournament would later be won by the Xotica Xpress.

Xotica XpressEdit

Brock and Broly would make their tag team debut at Galactic Throwdown 3 in the tag team gauntlet. They would be the fifth entrant and would defeat almost all of the competitors that stood in their way (Bad to the Bows, Team Angle, Space Balls, Mortal Kombat, and Red Death) but as the duo were leaving, Neo-Underworld showed up as the last tag team in the gauntlet. The Xotica Xpress would lose to Neo-Underworld after Skeletor delivered a spinebuster onto the tired Broly. The Xotica Xpress would get another chance at the titles in a mini tournament at Singularity 2. They would win former champions Batman and Robin in the first round and would later win the titles in the finals against Super Smash Bros. They would later lose the titles against Goku and Yusuke Urameshi.

Golden Duo Edit

The two former singles champions Goku and Yusuke Urameshi would team up against Red Death in order to have a shot at the tag titles. They would win the match earning the right to face the Xotica Xpress at Solar Eclipse III. The two would struggle a bit against the Xotica Xpress but they would win the match after Goku knocked out Brock with a Saiyan kick to the back of the skull.


  • At the moment, Team Old School have been the longest reigning champions ever, clocking in a title reign that lasted 138 days. In stark contrast, the The Westeros are the shortest reigning champions, lasting for under 10 minutes.
  • 3 of the former tag team champions have split up since losing the titles. Ash Ketchum turned on his partner Brock after losing the belts, Optimus Prime left the M4G-Nation after he and Sephiroth lost the belts and Kratos and Leonidas split up to persue singles gold (Leonidas going after the Galactic Championship and Kratos winning the Hardcore Championship). The Supremacy is unlikely to break up any time soon unless the Buu Supremacy stable were to suddenly split entirely.


# Team Reigns Date Days Held Event
1 Team Old School (Ash Ketchum & Brock) 1 April 4, 2012 138 M4G-Nation
2 Sephiroth Prime (Sephiroth & Optimus Prime) 1 August 19, 2012 71 Solar Eclipse
3 Spartan Fury (Kratos & Leonidas) 1 October 28, 2012 127 M4GaMania
4 Mortal Kombat (ScorpionSub-Zero) 1 March 3, 2013 85 Northern Lights
5 The Buu Supremacy/The Buu Crew (Buu & Bojack) 1 May 26, 2013 20 Sonic Boom
6 Super Smash Bros (Link & Captain Falcon) 1 June 14, 2013 15 M4G-Nation
7 The Westeros (Khal Drogo & Poseidon) 1 June 30, 2013 0 (9 minutes, 55 seconds) Galactic Throwdown II
8 The Blues Brothers (Vegeta & MegaMan) 1 June 30, 2013 35 Galactic Throwdown II
9 The Westeros (Khal Drogo & Poseidon) 2 August 4, 2013 125 Singularity
10 Vacant - December 6, 2013 23 M4G-Natipn episode
11 Red Death (Zangief & Red Tornado) 1 December 29, 2013 42 Space Jam
12 Mortal Kombat (Scorpion & Reptile) 1 February, 9, 2014 113 Supernova 2
13 Batman & Robin 1 June 1, 2014 35 Sonic Boom 2
14 Neo-Underworld (Skeltor & Myotismon) 1 July 6, 2014 35 Galactic Throwdown 3
15 Xotica Xpress (Brock and Broly) 1 September 7, 2014 29 Singularity 2
16 Golden Duo (Goku & Yusuke Urameshi) 1 October 6, 2014 265* Solar Eclipse 3
17 Retired - December 20, 2014 - M4G-Nation Green Episode 19