TMNxT Tag Team Championship
Current Champion(s): N/A
Date Won: N/A
Past Champions: BK Value Meal, McNuggets, Johnnywood Blondes
The TMNXT Tag Team Championship is a title currently fought for in The M4G-Nation's D-League for tag teams. It is just like the Tag Team Championship that is defended on the regular show.

The title is currently retired.

Past ChampionsEdit


On the 5th episode of TMNXT, a 5 team tag team gauntlet was held. The teams were the BK Value Meal (Burger King and Woody from Packard's team, the Little Cruise That Could), Licensed to Murder (The Terminator and James Bond, M4G-Nation fan's team, the Icebergs), Johnny Bravo and Joey Ryan (M4Gnitude's team, the Fort Wayne Mad Ants), Jungle Boogie (The Man In The Yellow Hat and Curious George from PJR's team, the Orange Iguanas), and the McNuggets (Ronald McDonald and Kick-Ass, from Trevor's team, Trevolution). It came down to the McNuggets and Jungle Boogie, and Jungle Boogie dominated early on. However, the McNuggets won the titles after Ronald hit his finisher, The Big Mac.

BK Value MealEdit

The alliance of Burger King and Woody managed to receive their opportunity to fight for the D-League's tag titles after their victorious run in the miniature tag team tournament. Their title match occured on week twelve of the D-League, where they would face off against Ronald McDonald and Kick-Ass in hopes of claiming the tag team titles. In the TLC match billed as the main event of week twelve, and referred to as "The greatest match ever" by the commentary booth, BK Value Meal toppled the defending champions and celebrated their stable's first title.

Johnnywood Blondes Edit

The alliance of Johnny Bravo and Scott Steiner were placed in a tag team gauntlet and would be the the fourth team in the gauntlet match and would face the current champions BK Value Meal. Johnny Bravo would get the pin on Burger King to get the titles. They would then face off against Trevolution's Smoke and Black Ranger. Johnny Bravo would pick up the win again after delivering a powerbomb to Smoke. The last competitors was the team of Wario and Waluigi from Shadow's team. This time Scott Steiner picked up the win after excuting a underhook suplex off the top rope on Wario ensuring the Johnnywood Blondes getting more titles for the IceBergs.


# Team Reigns Date Days Held Event Notes
1 The McNuggets (Ronald McDonald & Kick-Ass) 1 August 16, 2013 66 days TMNXT Episode #5 Won A Tag Team Gauntlet to become the first champions.
2 BK Value Meal (Burger King & Woody) 1 October 20, 2013 199 Days TMNXT Week #12 Defeated McNuggets in a Tornado Tag Team TLC Match.
3 Johnnywood Blondes (Scott Steiner & Johnny Bravo) 1 May 7, 2014 1+ days TMNXT Season 2 Episode 4 Won a tag team gauntlet 

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