The TMNXT Draft is beld by the M4G-Nation to determine team's for the league's D-League.

TMNXT Draft 2013Edit

Prior to the launch of the D-League, the M4G-Nation held several polls to allow fans to determine the members for their team. On July 8, 2013, the announcing team uploaded a 20 minute video showcasing their own draft picks in real time to the viewers, with each draft pick to join the group led by commentator who chose them. Trevor was selected to pick first, while Packard chose second. M4Gnitude and Pat James Regan were the third and fourth commentators to select their draft picks, respectively.

TMNXT Inaugural Draft Class -The D League Draft20:50

TMNXT Inaugural Draft Class -The D League Draft

TMNXT Draft 2014Edit

The 2014 Draft Lottery began on March 21st 2014 as the TMNXT Tournament reached the finals. The draft would consist of six teams:

  • The Orange Iguanas (Led by Pat James Regan)
  • The Little Cruise That Could (Led by Packard)
  • The Fort Wayne Mad Ants (Led by M4Gnitude)
  • Trevolution (Led by Trevor)
  • The Icebergs (Led by Tom Robinson)
  • Shadow's Team (Led by Shadow)

Unlike the first draft, this will take place over the span of a couple of days rather than the first draft which took place in a 20 minute video. The rules were as followed...


2. You must draft at least one Atom-Weight.

3. You must draft people that exist on the 360 servers.

4. Each team will be 6 wrestlers.

Also, any professional wrestlers signed by WWE or TNA is unable to get drafted. CM Punk is also unable to be drafted as it is not clearly known where Punk's future lies right now. Wrestlers from other wrestling leagues like Ring Of Honor are available to be drafed. You can sign wrestlers from any of the old TMNXT teams as long as they are able to be downloaded of the XBOX 360 servers.

Team Round #1 Round #2 Round #3 Round #4 Round #5 Round #6
Shadow's Team (Led by Shadow) Lord Zed Krang Carnage Wario Waluigi Knuckles
The Orange Iguanas (Led by Pat James Regan) Piccolo Curious George The Man in the Yellow Hat Donkey Kong Blade Jack Skellington
The Fort Wayne Mad Ants (Led by M4Gnitude) Gohan Ray Lewis Android 13 Mr Rodgers Bugs Buny Yoda
The Little Cruise That Could (Led by Packard) The Burger King Woody Clay Matthews Robert Griffin III Marvin The Martian Winnie The Pooh
The Icebergs (Led by Tom Robinson) Bowser Johnny Bravo Deathstroke Walter White Crash Bandicoot Scott Steiner
Trevolution (Led by Trevor) The Punisher Nappa Smoke Rob Gronkowski Tony The Tiger Black Ranger

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