TMNXT Championship
Current Champion(s): N/A
Date Won: N/A
Past Champions: The Riddler, Piccolo, Punisher
The TMNXT Championship is a title awarded to the top competitor in the M4G-Nation's D-League rookie promotion. It is known as the first championship revealed in the independent league.

The title is currently retired.

Past ChampionsEdit

The RiddlerEdit

The unorthodox superstar made a successful debut on the second episode of the D-League, defeating the likes of Woody, Dexter, Kick-Ass, Nightcrawler, and Green Goblin to achieve the right to contend for TMNXT's premier title. By defeating these wrestlers, The Riddler was able to join five other men in a six member match, fought in a Hell In A Cell. Despite receiving no recogntion from the announcing booth, he was able to best the competition, pinning M4Gnitude's predicted winner Johnny Bravo to claim his distinction as the inaugural champion. The Riddler managed to successfuly defend his title from Ronald McDonald before losing the title to fellow team member Piccolo.


A former M4G-Nation superstar, Piccolo received the opportunity to challenge The Riddler for the TMNXT Championship by winning a ten man Royal Rumble. As their scheduled bout transpired without the use of commentary - due to the fact that both Piccolo and The Riddler are members of The IceBergs, which opposes the announcing booth's teams greatly, Piccolo defeated the inaugural champion to become the title's second possessor. He was defeated and subsequently lost the belt to Punisher on week twelve.

The Punisher Edit

A member of Trevor's largely successful stable, Punisher earned the opportunity to challenge Piccolo for the TMNXT Championship by emerging from two Elimination Chambers victorious. On week twelve of the D-League, The Punisher managed to outlast both defending champion Piccolo and former champion The Riddler - who invoked his rematch clause, to claim Trevolution's first TMNXT Championship.

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