was a pay-per-view conducted by the M4G-Nation on January 27, 2013, it is the company's fifth pay-per-view event.

The match card included five matches in total. The main event of which was between defending champion Darth Vader vs. Jack-6 for the Inter-Universal Championship. Other notable matches included champion Jason Voorhees vs. Buu in a TLC match for the Galactic Championship, and Ash Ketchum's second Atom-Weight Championship title defense.


Supernova featured professional wrestling matches involving different wrestlers from pre-existing feuds, plots, and storylines that play out on the M4G-Nation's daily show. Wrestlers portray heels or faces as they follow a series of events that build tension and culminate in a wrestling match or series of matches.

After his second title victory at the previous pay-per-view, it was decided that Darth Vader will select the #1 contender match for his belt, to which he had chosen it to be a Triple Threat Steel Cage match. The three participants were chosen at random, who were revealed to be Goku, Red Ranger, and Sephiroth. Goku emerged from the steel cage victorious, thus advancing on to a match versus former Inter-Universal Champion Captain America. However, immediately following his win to Black Dynamite, former Galactic Champion Jack-6 announced that he will not exercise his rematch clause and pursue his title that he lost in the pay-per-view prior - rather, he declared to be after the Inter-Universal Championship. On the January 12th episode of the M4G-Nation, Jack-6 ambushed Goku and incapacitated him backstage, meaning that Goku will not be physically able to fight Captain America. Jack-6 took Goku's place and fought Captain America in what resulted in a sound victory for Jack-6. By achieving victory, Jack-6 earned his spot in the main event.

On the January 7 edition of the M4G-Nation, Mortal Kombat defeated Ghost to Gotham in an early #1 contenders mach to the Tag Team Championship. Although - on the day before the pay-per-view event, Sports Authority confronted the number one contenders and made a proposition: Mortal Kombat was given the opportunity to lend over their scheduled title match against Spartan Fury in exchange for an exorbitant amount of money. After some consideration, Mortal Kombat accepted the offer, meaning that Sports Authority will challenge Spartan Fury for the Tag Team Championship.

Two Fatal Four Way matches were set to determine two potential top contenders for the Atom-Weight Championship, where these two wrestlers battle it out to determine the man to face Ash Ketchum for his title. On the January 13 episode of the M4G-Nation, Ezio defeated Jesus, Darth Maul, and Speed Racer in the first of two matches. Six days later, Red Ranger would defeat Ryu Hayabusa, Tien Shinhan, and The Flash, becoming the second contender in the process. Ezio and Red Ranger would fight in their following Extreme Rules match with Ezio ending the fight in a pinfall victory, securing his opportunity to face Ash Ketchum for his championship belt.

In a similar vein as the Atom-Weight Championship preliminaries, three Triple Threat matches were held with the winners of each match capable of competing against each other for a shot at the Galactic Championship. The first match saw Buu defeat Ryu and Rorschach. Master Chief beat Bojack and Wolverine, and Sephiroth defeated Blade and King to become the last combatant. In the following bout declared to be a Tables match, Buu reigned triumphant over the two finalists to earn his distinction as the number one contender to the secondary title.

It was announced that Bulma would invoke her rematch clause to face current reigning champion Silk Spectre for the Harlot Division Championship. The female challenger would also be accompanied by Princess Fiona who received and accepted the offer of being her manager for the title match.


# Match Stipulation
1 Ash Ketchum (c) defeated Ezio to retain the Atom-Weight Championship. Singles match for the Atom-Weight Championship.
2 Sports Authority defeated Spartan Fury (c) via countout. Tag team match for the Tag Team Championship.
3 Bulma (w/ Princess Fiona) defeated Silk Spectre (c) to win the Harlot Division Championship. Singles match for the Harlot Division Championship.
4 Jason Voorhees (c) defeated Buu to retain the Galactic Championship. TLC match for the Galactic Championship.
5 Jack-6 defeated Darth Vader (c) to win the Inter-Universal Championship. Singles match for the Inter-Universal Championship.
  • (c) refers to the champion(s) entering the match


M4G Nation PPV - Supernova January 27th, 201301:24:50

M4G Nation PPV - Supernova January 27th, 2013


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