Origin DC Comics
Debut: August 30th 2012
Career: Active
Finishing Move: air aid siren
Superman is a fictional superhero from the DC Universe that has made a number of appearances in the M4G-Nation.

The Man Of Steel is founding member of the Justice League and is most commonly known for competing in the Justice League vs Avengers matches that have gained the YouTube channel a considerable amount of views. He has competed in things like the Royal Rumble but rarely appears in the M4G-Nation for much more than that is considered a part-time competitor for the M4G-Nation.


Superman's first appearance in the M4G-Nation came on August 30th 2012. He teamed up with fellow members of the Justice League Batman and Aquaman to take on The Hulk, Ironman and Captain America from the Avengers. This was the 2nd match between The Justice League and The Avengers, with the last match seeing The Avengers win. In this elimination match, The Avengers won again with Superman being the last man pinned by The Hulk.

Superman re-appeared as the 26th entrant in the 3rd ever Royal Rumble match in M4G-Nation history with the goal of being ready for the 3rd match against The Avengers. However, Superman only lasted 86 seconds before being eliminated by The Hulk.

On January 11th 2013, Superman was a part of the 3rd Justice League vs Avengers match. Finally, under elimination rules the Justice League (Superman, Batman and The Flash) was able to defeat The Avengers (The Hulk, Ironman and Captain America) with Superman being pinned Ironman, before Ironman was pinned Batman.

On June 13th 2013, Superman appeared once more in the M4G-Nation as part of a movie promo for Man Of Steel. He defeated long-time rival The Hulk via Count Out after a Superplex on to the outside.

Superman would show and battle fellow Dc characters Batman and Green Lanturn where Green Lanturn pinned Superman. Then superman would go into a money in the bank ladder match and win to go to the ppv he would then lose to bowse.


  • He's a member of the Justice League stable also consisting of Batman, The Flash and formely Green Lantern and Aquaman
  • Superman lasted the shortest amount of time out of all the Justice League members in the 3rd Royal Rumble with The Flash lasting the longest and Batman not far behind.

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