Origin DC Comics
Debut: June 22nd 2013
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Unknown
Supergirl is a comic book character from DC comics and is an active member of the harlot's roster

Supergirl is the newest debut of the M4G-Nation and has shown some promise in her short time in M4G-Nation.


Supergirl would make her debut on June 22nd 2013 in the final Harlots Money in the Bank Qualifer match. She would complete after being voted in by fans and go head to head with Samus , Harley Quinn and one half of the DD Champions Misty. Supergirl would climb to the top of the ladder and earn a spot in the Harlots Division Money in the Bank match at Galactic Throwdown II.


  • Trevor would botch the debut of supergirl by saying her name during one of the other Harlots enterances

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