Super Smash Bros.
Members: Captain Falcon


Origins F-Zero (Captain Falcon)

Legend of Zelda (Link)

Debut: June 14, 2013
Careers: Active
Finishing Moves: Link - Ocarina of Time (Belly to back spinning mat slam.)

Captain Falcon - Falcon Punch (K.O punch, with theatrics)

Super Smash Bros is a tag team made of Link and Captain Falcon that is active and fights in M4G-Nation.

They are former 1 time Tag Team Champions  having beaten Buu and Bojack of the Buu Supremacy on June 14th 2013, despite there short history as a tag team.

Pre HistoryEdit

Link would be killed by Buu in a wrestling match early on in Buu's career. Link would be wished back to life and would set his sights on Buu and the rest of the Supermacy for revenger. At the same time Captain Falcon would be approached by Buu asking him to join the Supermacy. Captain Falcon would ask why and Buu told him he would regret it if he didn't Captain Falcon would stop Zangief from breaking Darth Vader's leg and ending his career. Link would then come out during Buu's promo on the third State of the M4G-Nation challenging the Champions to a match which Buu accpeted. They would draw number 6 and knock out Spartan Fury  but would fall to the Wrestros.


Captain Falcon would become the tag team partner of Link and they would battle Buu and Bojack on June 14th 2013. Link and Captain Falcon would take a lot of pain but would not stand down. Link would pin Bojack while Captain Falcon held Buu down outside the ring to become the Tag Team Champions.

Theme SongEdit

Metal Zelda - Hyrule Overworld Theme04:00

Metal Zelda - Hyrule Overworld Theme


  • There name is based on there time on the Super Smash Bros seires of video games. It can be assumed that the two know each other and have fought each other and worked together. Becuase of this them being a tag team is not that strange espically since they have been in every single super smash bros game thus far.

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