Origin Mortal Kombat
Debut: April 14th 2012
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Deep Freeze (Neck Breaker)

Sub-Zero is a ninja from the Link Kuei clan in the Mortal Kombat series and a member of the M4G-Nation Blue roster. He's one half of the tag team called Mortal Kombat alongside long time foe Scorpion.

From Earthrealm, Sub-Zero has proved himself to be a very capable combatant in the M4G-Nation. He is a former Tag Team Champion with Scorpion and has been at the M4G-Nation from very early on. Sub-Zero is known for having a great record in the Royal Rumble, once holding the record for the most eliminations in a single Rumble match. However, he has been on the receiving end of jokes regarding him breaking his neck after he first "broke it" in his first match. Despite breaking his neck, Sub-Zero has refused to go down and will join forces with even his worst enemies to achieve his goals.

Despite their rivalry in the Mortal Kombat series, Sub-Zero and Scorpion have proved to be a formidable tag team in the M4G-Nation, having the 3rd longest tag title reign history.


Kuai Liang was the brother of the original Sub-Zero and member of the Lin-Kuei clan in Earthrealm. After his brother was killed by the ninja Scorpion, Kuai took the mantle of his brother as "Sub-Zero" and swore revenge on the murderer of his brother. During his encounters with Scorpion in the Mortal Kombat tournaments, Sub-Zero fought alongside the forces of light unlike his brother Bi-Han. Despite having a rough attitude like his brother, Kuai has a great sense of honour and duty. Despite his affiliation with the Lin Kuei clan, Sub-Zero has evolved into one of Eartherealm's strongest defenders.


Singles Competition, Royal Rumbles and Neck InjuryEdit

Long before teaming with Scorpion, Sub-Zero debuted in the 1st ever M4G-Nation Royal Rumble in April 20th 2012, entering at #14. However, he didn't last long and was eliminated by Broly and Taichi Kayima. M4G-Nation reported that Sub-Zero "broke his neck" when he hit the floor after the elimination.

He returned from his broken neck to take part in a triple threat match on August 17th against the debuting Rorschach and Space Ghost. However, he was unsuccessful in winning. He competed in his second Royal Rumble as the 13th entrant on September 2nd and delivered quite a performance, lasting more than 10 minutes and eliminating FIVE people in the Royal Rumble. With that Sub-Zero broke the record for the most eliminations in a Royal Rumble. He even eliminated the former Inter-Universal Champion Yusuke Urameshi. Sub-Zero's performance in the elimination prompted him to be booked in a non-title Steel Cage match on September 25th 2012 with the then-Inter-Universal Champion Buu. However, he lost in comprehensive fashion.

Start Of Alliance With ScorpionEdit

Sub-Zero started teaming with old rival Scorpion on November 1st 2012, defeating Marty McFly and Speed Racer. Sub-Zero would not appear again until a month later on December 8th 2012, when he competed in the Money in the Bank ladder match. He failed to win the briefcase but would gain another chance to win gold in the 3rd ever Royal Rumble on December 22nd. 15th entrant Sub-Zero didn't do to well this time around and was eliminated by Ezio. Ironically, Sub-Zero eliminated Ezio in the last Royal Rumble and ironically Ezio would go on to break Sub-Zero's record for eliminations in that match. Sub-Zero's partner Scorpion also entered the Rumble, entering at number 13 - the same number Sub-Zero came in at in the last Rumble.

Tag Team ChampionshipEdit

Scorpion and Sub-Zero were booked in a match with the team of Bane and Space Ghost on January 7th 2013, with the winning team competing for the right to fight for the Tag Team Championship. Mortal Kombat won and advanced to face Sports Authority for the right to face Spartan Fury for the tag titles at Supernova. However the day before the PPV, Mortal Kombat accepted a £100,000 bribe from Sports Authority to allow Sports Authority to fight Spartan Fury for the Tag Team Championship instead of going through the formality of the match between Mortal Kombat and Sports Authority.

After Sports Authority had their chances at the titles, Scorpion and Sub-Zero re-entered the fray and were given a tag title shot at the next pay-per-view entitled Northern Lights against Spartan Fury. Scorpion and Sub-Zero would make great use of their second chance and captured the Tag Team Championship on the PPV. This gave Sub-Zero his first ever championship in M4G-Nation history. In the rematch between the two teams at Absolute Zero, Scorpion and Sub-Zero would successfully retain the gold ending the feud between the teams.

While Tag Team Champions, Mortal Kombat hired Ironman as their manager, and the man of Iron would start accompanying Mortal Kombat down to the ring for their matches. Sub-Zero appeared in the 4th ever Royal Rumble on April 14th and was responsible for the elimination of Ryu Hayabusa. However, once again he was not successful in winning the match. He did come back to defend the tag titles in a Hell In A Cell match with Kings Of Jungle at Vernal Equinox. Mortal Kombat successfully retained the gold again, and also defeated Neo-Underworld members Myotismon and Skeletor in a non-title match on May 3rd. However, the duo were attacked post-match by Buu and Bojack from the Buu Supremacy. This rivalry saw Scorpion and Sub-Zero lose the titles to the Buu Crew at Sonic Boom, ending their 85 day title reign as champions. Scorpion and Sub-Zero then competed in the Tag Team Gauntlet at Galactic Throwdown II (2013), entering as the 2nd entrants in the match. They started off against the Neo-Underworld. However, they would lose via count-out after Scorpion threw Myotismon into the ring and left Sub-Zero on the outside to get counted-out. Sub-Zero was the 28th entrant in the Royal Rumble of August 2013, eliminated Cookie Monster, and was eliminated by Tien Shinhan. At Solar Eclipse 2, he and Scorpion lost to The Westeros in a match for the Tag Team Championships.

2K 14 rebirthEdit

Sub-Zero then participated in a six man Money in the Bank Ladder match also involving Master Chief, Captain Falcon, Green Goblin, Trunks, and Darth Vader. With the winner proceeding to face Captain Pollution for the Galactic Championship, he was unable to win when Master Chief gained possession of the briefcase. Sub-Zero would then fail to win a fatal four way match vs Link, Bane, and Ash. Sub-Zero would then team with Scprion to defeat La Pollution once again and will face TMNT. In the TLC matchup on December 20th Mortal Kombat would win the matchup to become number one contenders for the Tag Team CHampionships. He and Scorpion would lose to Red Death at Space Jam.

Return to Singles CompetitionEdit

Sub-Zero would be placed in the 6th ever Royal Rumble match on January 2nd 2014, entering at #39. He would finally win the Royal Rumble after eliminating both Bane and Zangief despite both men trying to eliminate the Rumble veteran and targeting the neck. Sub-Zero then had the decision of picking either the M4G-Nation Blue or M4G-Nation Green Championships. He would appear on the first M4G-Nation Blue episode declaring his intention of going for Ash Ketchum's M4G-Nation Blue Championship on the next pay-per-view. Sub-Zero put up a great effort but in the end Ash Ketchum would be the one to win the match. Sub-Zero would later be put into a Elimination Chamber qualifier for the M4G-Nation Blue Championship against Cookie Monster but would lose that match. At Northern Lights 2 he would attack Cookie Monster from behind in order to get into the Elimination Chamber match. He would not last long however and would be eliminated by Ash Ketchum. The next day, he would answer Vegeta's open challenge but was attacked by Cookie Monster. The two would then face off against each other later that night in an extreme rule match. Cookie Monster would pick up the win after Sub-Zero tried to go for a suplex that Cookie Monster reversed into a neckbreaker.

Hiatus and Return Edit

The neckbreaker would again injure Sub-Zero's neck, who would take a hiatus from competition until July 16, 2014. On the July 16, 2014 edition of M4G-Nation Blue's semi-weekly show, Jack-6 issued an open challenge, continuing with his search of being "the Greatest of all time." The challenge was met by the returning Sub-Zero, who managed to stand toe-to-toe with Jack-6. However, Jack-6 ended up being beaten down by the returning Sub-Zero, and then #1-Contender Sephiroth, Venom, and Ryu Hayabusa. Jack-6's former nemesis Bane would return to come to the apparent aid of Jack-6, driving off Jack-6's attackers. However, Bane attacked Jack-6 with a chair, punctuating the assault on the two-time M4G-Nation champion. He would later be in a promo with the assaulting members forming the new group The Unwashed. As of then he has been on a winning streak. He would be placed in the 7th Royal Rumble and would last a while and eliminating three superstars until he was eliminated by Tien. Sub-Zero would be put in a 10-man battle royal to determine the #1 contender for the M4G-Nation Blue Championship which was later won by Jack-6. However later that same night he would face Jesus in a match to be placed in an elimination chamber match for the Intergalactic Championship. It would take two Deep Freeze neckbreakers but Sub-Zero took down Jesus to be in the elimination chamber.

Singles Championship Edit

Sub-Zero would enter the Elimination Chamber match against Link, Batman, Ironman, Buu, and Ezio and would be the final entrant into the match. Sub-Zero would eliminate Ezio and later Link to win the Intergalactic Championship, his first ever singles title. He would later face Jack-6 in a champion vs champion match which he would win after powerbombing Jack-6 into the corner.


  • Sub-Zero did hold the record for the most eliminations in a single Royal Rumble] match after eliminating 5 men in the 2nd Royal Rumble. This was until it was broken by Ezio in the 3rd Royal Rumble. Ironically, Sub-Zero eliminated Ezio in the 2nd Royal Rumble and ironically Ezio would eliminate Sub-Zero in the rumble after that.
  • Sub-Zero's partner Scorpion entered the 3rd Rumble at number 13 - the same number Sub-Zero came in at in the 2nd Rumble.
  • Sub-Zero is one of the two men to have appeared in every Royal Rumble match (not including house shows).


Theme Songs Edit

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