State of the M4G-Nation are a series of promos in M4G-Nation. The promos highlight storylines, feuds, debuts, and all going ons in the M4G-Nation. The promos are played one after another and featur members of the roster and or Harlots.


The first State of the M4G-Nation happened on May 13th 2013. It would feature Jack-6 making a triple threat match chanllenge for the M4G-Nation Championship between him, Yusuke Urameshi and Boba Fett. The other promo would feature Daenerys Targaryen and Queens and Sevens leader Harley Quinn plotting to beat Taylor Swift for the Harlot Division Championship who overhears this talk and walks away.


The second State of the M4G-Nation happened on May 20th 2013. This promo series would see Yusuke and Boba accept the chanllenge and that either of them will take the titles at the up coming ppv Sonic Boom. They would go on to say that they joined Team Goku and that they would fight for all the M4G-Nation. Taylor Swift would say she heard the two of Harley and Daenerys plotting and would not stand it. She made a steel cage triple threat match for the Harlot Championship at Sonic Boom and would not accept no for an answer.


The third in the series of State of m4G-Nation promos happened after Sonic Boom on May 28th 2013. The promo would start with Jack-6 talking about Zangief and how he was the future of m4G-Nation. Space Ghost would come in saying a friend of his would be coming after Jack-6. Jack-6 would ask him to come and Space Ghost said he would come in due time. Link would come out thanking his friend Trunks for using the Dragonballs to bring him back. He would target Buu Supremacy leader Buu for killing and and warned the group. Backstage Captain Pollution would confront Ash Ketchum about his lost of in the triple threat for the Atom-Weight Championship. Ash would say Captain Pollution is nothing for never being a champion. Jack-6 would break it up and would make Captain Pollution vs Ash loser leaves the Supermacy.


The fourth of the promos took place on June 3rd 2013. Captain Falcon would thank the fans for there help in his victory in his debut. Buu would come out asking Captain Falcon to join the Supermacy. Captain Falcon asked why and Buu said if he didn't he would make Falcon's life hell. the next promo took place in a 5 star restaurant. It would be Captain Pollution and Misty one half of the DD Champions eating. they would talk about Ash not being mature and would cheer to there future hinting at a romantic relationship between the two. The final promo would show Jack-6 in the ring maikng a decree. If Space ghost's friend did not show up by the day after Jack-6 would take his head. Space ghost would arrive telling Jack-6 he had just got there. The scene shifts to the parking lot where a limo comes in. Bane steps out of the limo sporting his old look and waling to the ring. 


The fifth State of the M4G-Nation happened on June 10th 2013. Jack-6 would ask Bane to come out to face him in the ring. Space ghost would tell jack-6 he does not get to make the orders. Bane would appear behind Jack-6 after the lights go out. Jack-6 would run away not from Bane showing fear for the first time in his career. Buu would come out stating that Bane and all others would be dealth with. Link would come out saying they still have issues and Link chanllenged Buu and Bojack to a tag team match with him and an unknown partner for the Tag Team Championships next week which Buu accepts. The scene shifts to Captain Pollution talking to Kratos about the number one contendership for the Galactic Championship. Pollution warned Kratos he would go after him. The final promo shifts to the Harlots division locker room where Bulma is walking to an unknown place. Taylor Swift would stop her asking if the rumors were true that Bulma was going after the Harlot Division championships. They would fight about who would be the number one contender until Silk Spectre coming in asking if they forgot about her. All the former Harlot's Division Champions would each make threats to each other.


The six State of the M4G-Nation occurred on July 8th 2013. Taylor Swift challenged Harlot Division Champion Daenerys Targaeyen in the first part of the promo. After, Space Ghost confirmed that Bane had indeed been crowned the new M4G-Nation Champion after scoring a KO on Jack-6 at Galactic Throwdown II (2013). Master Chief attemted to deny Captain Pollution his number-1 contendership, but then the Captain showed a clip of Zangief beating down the Hulk and putting his head through a card window. Master Chief agreed to allow the title shot to happen, but not if he or the Hulk was attacked by a member of the Supremacy again. Jack-6 stated that he was rightfully the M4G-Nation Champion still, and announced he intended to win it back. Finally, Team Goku arrived in a limosine, with new member Captain America, Raphael, Boba Fett, a suprising return in Dante who had been off the roster for a while, and lastly Goku, the leader. 


  • Only Jack-6 has either been seen or talked about in every single State of the M4G-Nation. This is becuase of his status as the M4G-Nation Championship during the first 5.
  • Becuase of the size and power of there members the stable Buu Supremacy have been in all of the State of the M4G-Nation promos so far.
  • Taylor Swift has been the Harlot most seen in the promos having been in all but one.

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