Origin Amazing Fantasy #15
Debut: June 28th, 2012
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Spider-driver (Canadian destroyer)

Spiderman is a fictional superhero that has appeared in the M4G-Nation. He was a member of the Buu Supremacy for a short period. Currently he is banned from competing in the M4G-Nation until 2014, due to him being a member of the Buu Supremacy when they lost the "Losing Team Gone Till 2014" Elimination Match at Solar Eclipse 2. However when he returns he will wrestle on the M4G-Nation Blue roster.

Spiderman is a superstar that recently re-debuted in the M4G-Nation. Having already face a number of up-and-coming atom-weights, Spiderman is determined to prove himself in the M4G-Nation.


Peter Parker was a genius high-school student with a keen interest in science. One day he was in a science lab when he was bitten by a radioactive spider. After passing out from the bite, he woke up to the realization that he had gained freaky superpowers that were similar to a spider's capabillities. These included super speed, super agillity and the spider-sense which gives him a great awareness to everything around him. After failing to stop the robber that killed his uncle Ben, Peter swore to dedicate his life to crime fighting by donning the red and blue and publicly announcing himself as the friendly neighbourhood Spiderman.


While it wasn't really a proper M4G-Nation match, Spiderman competed in a promo match against Skeeter Valentine in a Hell In A Cell match on June 28th 2012. This was to promote his new film "The Amazing Spiderman".

Spiderman re-debuted about 11 months later as part of a fatal four way on May 30th 2013, also involving Mega Man, Deadpool, and Captain Falcon. Despite performing well, Spiderman was unable to get the victory. He would then take a breif hiatus from the M4G-Nation.

Heel TurnEdit

On July 20th 2013, Spider-Man faced off againts the returning Dante (member of the Gokrew) in the 7th match in the 1st round of the Atom-Weight Tournament to determine the #1 Contender for Adolf Hitler's Atom-Weight Championship. During Spider-Man's intro, he was accompanied to the ring by Majin Buu, the leader of the Buu Supremacy. Apparently, Spider-Man had joined forces with the Supremacy prior to the match. This assumption was confirmed when Dante charged Spider-Man in the corner, and Spider-Man pulled the ref into harms way, allowing Majin Buu to hand Spider-Man a steel chair. Spider-Man proceeded to hit Dante in the face with the chair, knocking him unconcious. Spider-Man covered Dante, and the ref made the 3 count, and Spider-Man advanced to the next round of the tournament. On the State of the M4G-Nation of July 22nd Spiderman would proclaim that he joined becuase the Buu Supermacy was going to the top and he wanted to join them when they reach there. He also predicted an all Buu Supremacy final with him facing Jesus. His prediction was proved wrong when he lost in the second round to Skeeter Valentine. He was the 25th entrant in the August 2013 Royal Rumble and eliminated both Scorpion and The Hulk before being eliminated by Boba Fett. He then lost to V on August 27th.

Gone Until 2014, Face TurnEdit

In the Team M4G-Nation vs Buu Supremacy elimination match at Solar Eclipse 2, Spiderman represented the Buu Supremacy and was the 5th man to come out for the team. Spiderman argubably showed the strongest showing for the group, lasting an hour in the match. It came down to Spiderman and Dante, but Dante wounded up pinning Spiderman, meaing the Buu Supremacy members would all be banned from the M4G-Nation until 2014. Since Spiderman represented the team, he was banned as well. However, he was attacked post-match by Captain Pollution, Zangief and Jesus Christ there by exiling him from the group, probably turning him face.

One offEdit

Spiderman would get a one day contract returning on November 15th to the atom weight chamber match due to a shortage of atom weights. Spiderman almost won the event falling to former atom weight champion Ash Ketchum. He would stay to become a member of the M4G-Nation Blue roster. He would win and lose a match here and there, even winning a match for a shot at the Atom-Weight Championship but would lose to Mega Man. He would appear later and face Unwashed member, Venom, and would win the match. Spiderman would go to M4Gamania for a chance to win the Hardcore Championship but would lose to Blade.

Theme SongEdit

The Amazing Spider-Man ('90's Theme Rock Version)01:53

The Amazing Spider-Man ('90's Theme Rock Version)


  • Spiderman's overall win/loss record in the M4G-Nation is 2-3. (excluding Royal Rumbles and the 7-on-7 Elimination match at Solar Eclipse 2)

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