Speed Racer & Ezio
Members: Speed Racer


Origins Speed Racer (Speed Racer)

Assassin's Creed II (Ezio)

Debut: December 20, 2012
Careers: Dissolved
Finishing Moves: Speed Racer - Unknown

Ezio - Assassin (Suplex followed by a bridging swinging fisherman suplex)

Speed Racer & Ezio was a short lived tag team composed of the namesake Speed Racer and Ezio. They have only appeared as a tandem in one match.

Ironically, the only tag team match in which they have partaken in was one to determine two #1 contenderships for the Atom-Weight Championship.


Speed Racer and Ezio briefly teamed up in order to wrestle the similarly formed tag team of Trunks & Skeeter. In the unique wrestling match to decide two number one prospects for Ash Ketchum's Atom-Weight Championship, they were defeated in little under thirty minutes when Skeeter Valentine rolled up Ezio for the pin.

The termination of Speed Racer's contract months later led to the dissolution of the team. Ezio went on to become a seasoned veteran of the M4G-Nation and its Atom-Weight Division. The victors in Speed Racer's and Ezio's match - Trunks & Skeeter, qualified for the triple threat ladder match against then champion Ash Ketchum for the lightweight title. However, Ash Ketchum would capture the belt to withhold his title.


  • Both tag team members had one instance alliances prior to teaming up: Ezio previously formed a team with Solid Snake, while Speed Racer had another short lived unnamed partnership with Marty McFly.

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