Origin Image Comics
Debut: September 7th 2012
Career: Released
Finishing Move: "Choke slam and Tombstone Pile Driver"

Spawn is a comic book superhero from Image comics, was a former member of The IceBergs D-League team and an active member of the M4G-Nation Blue roster.


Lt. Al Simmons was one of the best in the army and his skills resulted in him getting him in a high position within the C.I.A. After questioning the government's true intentions, he was terminated permanently when his friend Chapel was ordered to kill by setting him alit. In order to return to life, Al made a deal with the devil to see his wife again. He served as a hellspawn but his memory was wiped by the demon and when he regained his memory, he found out his wife had moved on with his best friend Terry. Enraged at the demon for tricking him, he swore revenge. Since then, he has taken action serving up his own justice, fighting various foes including assassins, fellow hellspawns, ninjas and even battling God and Satan!


D League time and promotionEdit

Spawn's only appearance in the M4G-Nation was against the then-Galactic Champion Jack-6 on September 7th 2012 in a non-title match. Despite putting up a good fight, he was no match for the then undefeated champion Jack-6. After a long absence from the league, Spawn re-appeared as part of the 2nd Elimination Chamber match on September 14th 2013 in the D-League. He won a poll held by the M4G-Nation on who to join the Icebergs in the D-League and represented them in the match. However, he would be the last man eliminated by Waldo. He would then lose in a tag team match teaming with Hellboy as the Hellspawns to Burger King and Woody. Spawn would fight in the D-League tourment where he would win his round one match vs Charmander.

He would then be promoted to the main roster to be on Trevor's Blue Brand. He would lose his first match a fatal four way Hardcore matchup featuring The TickVenom, and Reptile

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