Space Ghost
Space Ghost
Origin Space Ghost
Debut: August 17, 2012
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Chokeslam
Space Ghost is a superhero from the 1960s Hanna-Barbera cartoon of the same name, who is a fictional wrestler presently signed to the M4G-Nation.

During his extensive career in the M4G-Nation, he has finished as a semi-finalist at the TMN Tag Team Tourney, competed in three Royal Rumble matches, served as a host for the discontinued weekly sub-series Saturday Night Ghost, and works as a tag team partner/manager of Bane as Ghost to Gotham. He has been involved in several singles, tag team, and multiple man matches, although most of which were not contested for championship gold. Nevertheless, Space Ghost has established himself as a respected veteran and a formidable fighter.

Space Ghost fights with an offensive, high flying style uncommon to several middle weight wrestlers, and is able to launch himself through springboards, top rope maneuvers, and his own patented finishing move, which sees him perform numerous mid-air somersaults before catching the target mid-flight with a falling neckbreaker.


Debut and AllianceEdit

Space Ghost's debut came at August 17, 2012 in a triple threat match also involving Rorschach - who was also a new debut, and Sub-Zero. Despite a valiant 17 minute battle displayed by Space Ghost, he would ultimately be pinned by Rorschach. The 60s cartoon superstar then paired up with Batman villain Bane to form what would soon be known as Ghost to Gotham. The team made their debut on August 31, 2012, where they were scheduled to fight Android 17 in a 2 on 1 handicap match after PJR was furious upon learning that the android was the competitor to stay in the M4G-Nation by fan voting on Facebook. After a dominant victory displayed by the duo, Space Ghost entered the second Royal Rumble match to determine the new #1 contender for the Inter-Universal Championship. Entering the fray as the 22nd entrant, he scored two eliminations during his reign in the ring, one being Atom Weight Tourney semi-finalist Tony Hawk, and the other being then Atom-Weight Champion Trunks. Shortly afterwards, he was knocked over the top rope by Darth Vader, who had previously aided him in removing Trunks from the competition.

Title Pursuit and Saturday Night GhostEdit

It was by this time that Space Ghost joined forces with Bane once more to partake in the TMN Tag Team Tourney set to determine a #1 contender for the coveted Tag Team Championship. During this time, however, Space Ghost also launched a weekly series titled Saturday Night Ghost, which airs - as the name suggests, every Saturday. In these episodes, Space Ghost enters combat against a M4G-Nation superstar selected by fan voting on the M4G-Nation's Facebook page, with additional stipulations and match types also determined by the fans.

Over the course of the TMN Tag Team Tourney, the comic book styled hero and villain duo named Ghost to Gotham delivered an exceptional performance in their tournament stint, defeating Imperial Destruction in the first round, and even triumphing over former Tag Team Champions Team Old School in the subsequent match. In the semi-finals, however, the duo succumbed to future long reigning Tag Team Champions Spartan Fury in the semi-finals. This would mark the last occurence which the duo would be seen as a tag team until WWE '13

In terms of his career as the host wrestler of Saturday Night Ghost, Space Ghost launched the series with a tables match versus M4G-Nation veteran Goku in a winning effort. The next match was a unique twist to conventional matches aired on the M4G-Nation, with Space Ghost pitted against fellow costumed superhero Batman in a grueling Inferno Match. Space Ghost successfully set the caped crusader ablaze. Unfortunately for Space Ghost, he would suffer his first loss in the television-esque series to head commentator M4Gnitude in a Hell in a Cell match, much to the delight of the rest of the broadcasting team, who loved and respected Space Ghost, but would favor M4Gnitude to a larger degree. The series' final episode occured on October 20, 2012 in a Last Man Standing match, where Space Ghost took on Tony Hawk and reigned victorious, ending Space Ghost's own show with a 3-1 win/loss record.

WWE '13Edit

Space Ghost made his debut in WWE '13 on November 23, 2012 in a mere singles match against Skeletor. In what would be known as one of the more absurd and uncanny matches of the M4G-Nation, Space Ghost was beaten by the Masters of the Universe antagonist. He then participated in the third Royal Rumble at entrant #8, unfortunately, his performance was a large downgrade from his previous Royal Rumble result, as he attained no eliminations before being eliminated by Ryu. Yearning for the Tag Team Championship once more, Space Ghost fought alongside long-time ally Bane against Mortal Kombat, but were unsuccessful in earning victory against the team of Sub-Zero and Scorpion.

One month later, Space Ghost would compete against Yusuke Urameshi, Skeletor, and Bandit Keith in a Fatal 4 Way match for a chance to fight for the Hardcore Championship. Losing the quadruple superstar battle, he would receive another chance that month in a triple threat match which included Skeletor for a second time as well as Black Dynamite. Using his second opportunity well, Space Ghost pinned his opposition and thus earn a title shot in his first appearance at a PPV, Northern Lights. At the match held for the Hardcore Championship against Vegeta and Cookie Monster, Space Ghost failed to leave the squared circle with the title around his waist. The Hanna-Barbera superhero would not appear again for the remainder of March until the fourth canon Royal Rumble match was conducted. Appearing in the 33rd spot, he would exact revenge on Darth Vader for the latter's actions in the second Royal Rumble by eliminating him from the grand battle. Space Ghost would also eliminate Adolf Hitler with the assistance of Ezio before exiting the ring courtesy of Boba Fett.

Teaming up once more, Ghost to Gotham would wrestle the boisterous tag team Seriously Too Cool in order to fight a number one contenders match against Spartan Fury. Despite their experience wrestling together, Space Ghost and Bane were unable to defeat Skeeter and Red Ranger in a surprising loss.

Managerial DutiesEdit

After taking a month long interregnum from the M4G-Nation, Space Ghost returned in an episode of State of the M4G-Nation interjecting on Jack-6's vocal contemplation of Zangief's future within the M4G-Nation as well as the Buu Supremacy. In slight protest of Jack-6's claims, Space Ghost informed the reigning M4G-Nation Champion that he would expecting a 'friend' to arrive and that the superstar was to be warned of the situation. As a method to build suspense, Space Ghost gave no further information as to whom the 'friend' he was referring to until the broadcasting of the promo dedicated series' fourth episode, where it was revealed in the stadium's parking lot that Bane, Space Ghost's former tag team partner and mutual friend, had returned to the M4G-Nation universe. Now sporting a much more robust and intimidating stature than the audience had last seen him, Bane was appointed by the superhero to be the catalyst in dethroning Jack-6 of the world title. It was until then that Space Ghost assumed the role of a manager.

As manager, Space Ghost would accompany the newly transformed Bane in two of his preliminary matches. Guiding the Batman character through each of his battles, Space Ghost nevertheless is not above distracting or even blindsiding the referee and any opposing wrestlers in order to ensure victory for his associate. However, as Bane's second match against Buu Supremacy member Zangief resulted in a draw, the yellow caped superstar was forced to convince Jack-6 on a promo segment that while Bane did not win against Zangief, he did not get pinned either, leading Jack-6 to reconsider his decision and begrudgingly granted Bane the opportunity to clash with the champion for the M4G-Nation title. 

Space Ghost would proclaim Bane the new M4G-Nation Champion on the State of the M4G-Nation. Space ghost would then take part in the second Atom Weight Tournament but would lose in round one to the Hardcore Champion Jesus. He later appeared in an episode of State of the M4G-Nation. In this segment, Space Ghost declined Goku's offer in a past episode to join Team Goku, claiming that his employee works alone as the M4G-Nation Champion. Space Ghost also addressed the situation with Jack-6's vehement protests against the world champion, proposing that Jack-6 should fight Bane for the title instead of merely handing the title over to Jack-6. Space Ghost selected Bane's match against Jack-6 to take place at Singularity, contested in a Hell In A Cell in hopes of concluding the feud.

Space Ghost would be a part of the Road To Gold Series but was unable to make any headway and was knocked out in the first round. He would team with Bane to beat Ezio and V in a tag team matchup at M4Gamaina 2 Trouble in Jamaica. Space ghost first 2k 14 matchup was a tlc fatal four way to find the first Solar Flare Championship with the The Hulk, Raiden, and Zangief where Zangief won. Space ghost would then team with Frieza to become the tag team Spaceballs. However they would lose to Chaos Theory on December 16th, 2013.


  • In two of the three Royal Rumbles which he has participated in, Space Ghost has been eliminated by superstars who would eventually win the Royal Rumble itself. Both Darth Vader and Boba Fett eliminated Space Ghost in the second and fourth canon Royal Rumbles, respectively.
  • Space Ghost's win/loss record currently stands at 7-11.
  • His weekly series Saturday Night Ghost is a homage to Coast to Coast, a fictional talk show with Space Ghost working as the show's host. His finisher's name also refers to the television series' title.
  • To some degree, Space Ghost's finishing maneuver also serves as a reference to the name of Shane McMahon's finisher, as both are initiated from the top rope.
  • The commentating booth often humorously precedes Space Ghost's name with 'Coast to Coast'.
  • Space Ghost's entrance mimics that of Chris Jericho.

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