Origin Sonic The Hedgehog
Debut: June 7th 2012
Career: D-League
Finishing Move: Emerald Hill (Electric Chair transitioned into a sitout atomic drop)
Sonic The Hedgehog is a hedghog and one of the most iconic characters in video game history. He is currently signed for the M4G-Nation, working in their developmental D-League as a representative of Pat James Regan/Black Wing's Orange Iguanas Team.

Sonic made a name of himself in the M4G-Nation with his impressive performances in tournaments. Sonic made the quarter finals of the first Atom-Weight Championship Tournament and made the finals of the Tag Team Tournament with the Blue Ranger. Sonic has almost managed to get gold in the M4G-Nation a number of times, the important word in that being "almost". In number one contendership matches, Sonic always seemed to come up short and was unable to establish himself as a big-time player in the M4G-Nation which was likely the reason for his release after M4GaMania. However, the hedgehog is back in the M4G-Nation's D-League as part of Pat James Regan/Black Wing's The Orange Iguanas team. sonic is now a active member of the d league


Sonic The Hedgehog is a hedgehog who will do whatever it takes to protect the planet earth from the deadly villian Dr Robotnik, otherwise known as Eggman. Sonic is cocky, arrogant and has an eagerness for action. According to the creators of the Sonic series SEGA, his average speed clocks in at 700mph. However, his top speed has been recorded as being over 3,500mph. However, it is unsure just how fast this hedgehog can go. Sonic is also an embodiment of chaos and when he gets 7 emerelds, he turns into the Invincible Super Sonic who is totally invinicble while in this form.  


Singles CompetitionEdit

Sonic first debuted in the M4G-Nation on June 7th 2012 defeating 50 Cent in his debut match. His celebrations were cut short after he was assaulted by the also debuting Buu. His victory over 50 Cent warranted him a spot in the Elimination Chamber on June 15th with the winner challenging Yusuke Urameshi for the Inter-Universal Championship. However, he was the 2nd man eliminated in the match by Kuwabara. Sonic would then be an entrant in the Atom-Weight Championship tournament to crown the first ever Atom-Weight Champion. He started off well, defeating Digimon Tai in a steel cage match. However, he would be upset by Tony Hawk in the 2nd round and eliminated from the tournament. On September 2nd, Sonic appeared as the 6th entrant in the 2nd Royal Rumble but was eliminated by Optimus Prime. Sonic then appeared in a fatal four way match with Jesus, Woody and Krillin on September 16th, with the winner getting an Atom-Weight title shot in the future. However, Sonic was unable to pull out a victory.

Tag Team CompetitionEdit

Sonic then took part in a Tag Team Tournament with the Blue Ranger with the prize being a Tag Team Championship match at M4GaMania. Sonic and The Blue Ranger were a formidable tag team, knocking off former number one contenders Darth Maul and Dante in the first round. The team's momentum continued when they defeated Ezio and Solid Snake in the 2nd round. They even defeated members of the Buu Supremacy Bojack and Marcus Fenix in the 3rd round, making it to the finals. However, they were ultimately defeated by Spartan Fury in the final who'd go on to win the Tag Team Championship. Despite winning the majority of his matches and being a formidable warrior, Sonic was released as the M4GNation moved onto WWE 13.


Sonic was announced as Pat James Regan/Black Wing's final pick in the M4G-Nation D-League draft lottery on July 8th 2013, meaning that Sonic would return to the M4G-Nation in the league's D-League. He made his debut by losing a 6-man battle royal against Piccolo, Johnny Bravo, Thor, Popeye, and Mario. On TMNXT episode 3 and entered the 30 man royal rumble and knocked out 3 superstars he stayed in the royal rumble for 8 minutes but he got elimminated by Joey Ryan.tmnxt week 5 sonic entered a triple treat match with nightcrawler charmander and he lost he did good anyway.

Sonic entered a  elimanation chambers for TMNXT. He made it to the final two but lost to The Punisher.

Theme SongEdit

Emerald Hill Zone Theme01:47

Emerald Hill Zone Theme


  • Sonic's record in the M4G-Nation is 5/4. (excluding Royal Rumbles)

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