Sonic Boom was a M4G-Nation PPV held on May 26th 2013. The card featured 7 matches with the main event being a triple threat match for the M4G-Nation Championship. Jack-6 defended against former Inter-Universal Champion and Money In The Bank holder Yusuke Urameshi and the 4th ever Royal Rumble winner Boba Fett.


At Vernal Equinox, Boba Fett was scheduled to face Jack-6 for the M4G-Nation Championship due to his Royal Rumble victory on April 13th 2013. However, he was attacked by Buu Supremacy member Captain Pollution the day before. Jack-6 declared that Boba Fett was unable to compete that night and issued an open challenge to anyone in the back. Yusuke Urameshi answered the call by cashing in his newly won Money in the Bank briefcase for a M4G-Nation Championship. Yusuke came incredibly close to winning the title, but was ultimately defeated when Jack-6 hit Yusuke’s finisher the Spirit Gun on Yusuke himself for the win. Yusuke said his decision to cash in Money in the Bank on an open challenge was to prove himself to Goku and to join him in the fight against the Buu Supremacy. Yusuke would then join forces with the returning Boba Fett to target the M4G-Nation Champion Jack-6. Jack-6 would give Boba and Yusuke one last chance at the championship in the form of a triple threat match at Sonic Boom.

At Vernal Equinox, Master Chief finally reclaimed the Galactic Championship he was the first to hold after defeating Jason Voorhees. While the previous champion Jack-6 decided not to recapture his championship, Jason did and was intent on reclaiming his championship. Jason therefore fought Ryu in a number one contendership match for the title. Jason would win and his book his place at Sonic Boom.

At Vernal Equinox, Ash Ketchum defended the Atom-Weight Championship against Darth Maul in an Extreme Rules match. However, he lost the title under controversial circumstances when Maul used the force to retrieve a chair that he would hit Ash with for the win. Ash demanded a rematch and was given the chance to compete for the championship again when he was one of 6 participants in a number one contendership Elimination Chamber match on May 10th. Ash won the match after defeating fellow Buu Supremacy member Captain Pollution last. After fan disapproval of the outcome, a second Elimination Chamber match was put in place with the winner being part of a triple threat match with Darth Maul and Ash for the championship at Sonic Boom. On May 17th, Adolf Hitler won that match to make it to his first PPV in the M4G-Nation.

The group known as the Queens And Sevens wanted to gain power in the harlots division. The group led by Harley Quinn were confronted by Harlots Champion Taylor Swift who gave Harley a title shot to shut her up. In an effort to gain the championship for her group, she conspired with Daenerys Targaryen on the 1st State Of The M4G-Nation. On the 2nd episode, she and Daenerys were given a chance at the title in a steel cage triple threat match at Sonic Boom.

Buu Supremacy members Buu and Bojack declared their interests at the Tag Team Championship by assaulting Mortal Kombat after they defeated the Neo-Underworld. Buu and Bojack were then given the chance at the titles when they fought the former number one contenders Kings Of The Jungle for a title shot. They won and were given the chance for the titles at Sonic Boom.

Misty and Dawn were given the chance to fight the Griffonwhores for the DD Championship after they defeated the Metroid Fighters, Chun-Li and Samus on May 15th.

Skeeter Valentine won a draft lottery on the night of Sonic Boom to fight for Kratos Hardcore Championship. It was a lottery which [[Captain Pollution tried to rig.


# Match Stipulations
1 Adolf Hitler defeated Darth Maul (c) and Ash Ketchum Extreme Rules Triple Threat Match For The Atom-Weight Championship
2 Buu and Bojack defeated Scorpion (c) and Sub-Zero (c) w/Ironman Tag Team Match For The Tag Team Championship
3 Kratos (c) defeated Skeeter Valentine Tables Match For The Hardcore Championship
4 Poseidon defeated Kratos (c) Singles Match For The Hardcore Championship
5 Misty and Dawn defeated Daphne Blake (c) and Hermione Griffin Tornado Tag Team Match For The DD Championship
6 Daenerys Targaryen defeated Taylor Swift (c) and Harley Quinn Steel Cage Triple Threat Match For The Harlots Championship
7 Master Chief (c) defeated Jason Voorhees Ladder Match For The Galactic Championship
8 Jack-6 (c) defeated Boba Fett and Yusuke Urameshi Triple Threat Match For The M4G-Nation Championship


M4GNation PPV Event - Sonic Boom 5-26-13-002:04:38

M4GNation PPV Event - Sonic Boom 5-26-13-0

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