Smoke is a ninja from the Mortal Kombat series and currently a member of the M4G-Nation Blue Roster.

Smoke originally made his way into the M4G-Nation through it's developmental league TMNXT. There, he formed a tag team with Black Ranger called Trevolution Tag Team #2. Smoke also made an appearance on M4G-Nation Blue to help Mortal Kombat defeat the New Buu Supremacy. However, he was later promoted to the M4G-Nation Blue roster where he hopes to accomplish as much as his fellow Mortal Kombat fighters.


The Lin Kuei were a ninja clan in Earthrealm that would usually fight for evil purposes. Money, revenge and power - the Lin Kuei would rather fight for themselves then fight alongside the protectors of Earthrealm. Smoke was one of the few exceptions that would fight for the greater good than for glory. Smoke was brought into the clan due to his impressive escaping skills and can get out of most traps. Smoke has little to no memory of his power and is unaware of how he was able to get his power and abillities. Regardless, he proved to be one of the best warriors in the clan. When the plan to turn all the ninjas into cyborgs started, Smoke was targetted. In the original timeline, he was unable to escape this fate. Howeve in the new timeline established in Mortal Kombat IX, he managed to avoid getting transformed at the expense of Sub-Zero



Smoke would be drafted by Trevolution in the third round. His first match would be against Blade, Burger King, Johnny Bravo, Wario, and Yoda. Smoke would eliminate both Wario and Burger King but would lose to Yoda in the final two. Smoke's next match would be on the main roster, as a filler for the injured Sub-Zero, with him teaming with Scorpion and Reptile to face Buu's new Supremacy. Smoke would pull one of the biggest upsets by pinning Buu and Iron Man. Smoke would later submit to Spawn but Scorpion would pick up the win for the team. Smoke would then team with Black Ranger to represent Trevolution in a tag team gauntlet but would lose to Scott Steiner and Johnny Bravo. Smoke would be the #1 entrant in the D-League Royal Rumble and would be eliminated by Scott Steiner. Smoke would be partnered with the Black Ranger once more in a gauntlet match and would eliminate three of the other teams but would lose to Curious George and The Man in the Yellow Hat.

M4G-Nation BlueEdit

Smoke would later be drafted onto the M4G-Nation Blue roster due to the Purge. He would be featured in a few matches such as facing against Unwashed members Bane, Venom and the man who he replaced, Sub-Zero. Ironically enough, he and Sub-Zero would both start off and end off with the match with the two being the sole survivors on the others team. Sub-Zero would pick up the win though after putting Smoke in a full nelson. He would later face Ironman in hopes of getting a shot at the Intergalactic Championship but would lose the match.

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